Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 105

Last night Derek and I attended a party where we weren't going to know anyone and I was a bit concerned we might suffer from shag-on-rock-syndrome. You know, where you attend an event outside your comfort zone and feel all awkward and alone and exposed as you stand in a corner playing the part of shag-on-a-rock. Or worse, you can wander around trying to start conversation but get deflected and snubbed by those who have already established their social groups. Or what about when you hang around the food table or drinks station just hoping that someone will notice you during a refill moment and invite you to chat with their peeps. Some people suffer from shag-on-rock-aphobia where they feel so inhibited that they don't attend these events at all, instead preferring to conjur up excuses and create elaborate event clashes to avoid possible shag-on-rock-dom. What's worse than one shag-on-a-rock at your party? Having a whole load of shag-on-rocks all staring at each other from a distance (or probably not staring at each other actually, but trying to avoid eye contact) turning a potentially good party into a shag-on-rock-athon.

I am pleased to say that our shag-on-rock-dom was minimal and after a slow start of group hopping and "hello I'm Derek", followed by "and I'm Leanne", we managed to find our niche with some other potential shags and settled in for a night of fun and laughter (with not a shag-on-rock in sight). What is a shag-on-a-rock anyway? Where did the saying come from? Well, after some quick Google research I have discovered it is an Australian saying (so for all of you reading this from the other side of the globe you are no doubt as confused as hell right now), and that a shag is actually a sea bird often found alone standing on seaside rocks. So "like a shag on a rock" is Aussie slang for standing alone in a manner that is quite obvious - to be isolated, lonely or exposed. And you all thought I was talking about sex!

I am not sure why I was worried because neither Derek nor I are particularly shy and we can usually hold our own pretty well in social situations. We did quite well last night and I would like to welcome all my new Deep Fried Fruit followers who filled my mind with the most marvellous stories and ideas for future posts. In the words of Austin Powers - "you're shagadellic baby, yeah!" Well, that's not quite right, because that means I want to "shag your rotten" and all that. Now I am talking about sex. So wrong verbage there. But in keeping with the shag theme I thought it might fit ...

Happy 40th birthday Anissa. It was great sharing your rock and meeting all the other shags!

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