Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 108

As I sit here drinking green tea from my bright orange cup, with yellow flowers and other brightly coloured stuff (because today I need a little happiness injection on account of my headache), I have decided that today is a day for updates. For all my wonderful Deep Fried Fruit followers who have been with me from the start there may be some things "hanging" which you are waiting for answers! Hopefully today I will provide them. And a big huge apology for the lateness in my posting ... I know many of you have already had your morning cuppa and had nothing to read ;(

Max: The hip gyrating lab has become a Deep Fried Fruit favourite. He is doing well although we think he may be going a bit blind. Age. His cysts aren't growing and they aren't bothering him. He and his boyfriend meet up about once a month and are still in love.

My Engagement Ring: I never did find the diamond from my ring and discovered my insurance policy didn't cover it. Someone suggested I go and insure it and THEN lose the diamond, but my conscience won't let me do that (besides the original loss is all written up and posted on the net!) We will replace the diamond one day but for now I am wearing a dress ring.

My sprained finger: It still hurts occasionally reminding me of swooping birds and a lazy Lab. I haven't taken Max for a run since.

Olga Berg: I haven't taken my Olga Berg clutch out for a spin yet because now it makes me think of old lady fannies

Face creams: I am yet to find the perfect face cream to make me look 10 years younger but I am still looking! I still swear by hemorrhoid cream for around the eyes. And no, it doesn't make you look like an arse.

Escape hatch: I haven't found the perfect place to hide from my family. I tried the roof but I got freaked out by the height so it wasn't very relaxing. Besides, the birds got cranky and started squawking and carrying on. No peace and quiet up there.

Pole Dancing: Been there, done that and didn't buy a t-shirt. Wish I did buy a t-shirt though! But no, my body isn't quite built for the pole so have decided not to get one installed at home much to Derek's dismay.

Nipples: I have found the perfect t-shirt bra to keep boobs in check and headlights less flashy. It's by Joanne Lingerie and costs around $15! No more search lights please ladies. Keep those nipples pointing in the one direction.

Cheese: The cheese still disappears at my house but at least I know I'm not insane. The animals in my zoo are a little more restrained and actually ask before stealing my nicely placed, accurately counted slices.

Dance: Have added some new dances to my evolution of dance repertoire! We had dust the blinds, clean the toilet and sweep the floor. Now we have wash the windows (left hand on hip, right hand straight out at eye level making big circular motions, and then swap hands). And we have do the groceries (walk forward with hands out front in motor bike hold to push the shopping trolley, then with left hand still in motor bike hold, take right hand and raise diagonally upwards and then diagonally downwards to put your items in the cart, repeat with left hand), and finally scold the children (well that's easy, put hand on hip Shirley Temple style while pursing lips and scolding children with other hand out front and pointy finger scolding in an up down motion).

Boot camp: Having January off. Back to it in February. Someone sent me a little poem (anon) that goes "twas the month after Christmas, and all through the house, nothing would fit me, not even a blouse". Not quite true for me but close. I have put on 3kg in a month! Bloody bourbon ..

Home Shopping: I gave in and bought the ShamWOW!

Enormous Knickers: I didn't end up buying any. But I did get some hipster boy-leg which are half way to enormous (compared to the little G's I used to wear)

Fibromyalgia: It's still a challenge! But I'm not giving it any energy ..

Work/life balance: Still trying to have my cake and eat it too. Have been scouting around for some part-time mentoring/coaching positions within schools and corporates so that I have a regular income to bring in. Plus I am now an approved teachers aid. And I have new clients for my coaching business. So 2010 may be a good year financially. Will let you know if I find the secret work/life/mother/wife balance formula.

Books: Not published yet but am being seriously considered by a MAJOR publishing house. Fingers crossed!!!

Headache: I still have it. Living on painkillers. Am booked into see a chiropractor. I think cheer leading has left my bones a little fragile.

Cheer leading: Yep, still doing it, with well over 100 children. Got three coaches now though and found another at the pool yesterday! Yep. Always got my eyes open. Was wearing my cheer coach t-shirt and was approached by one of the life guards who is out on a work/holiday visa from California. He is a cheerleader! Bring it on ...

Husband: He is still a Labrador and we are still married and he still eats in a frenzy. We had ANOTHER date night recently and all is good. Might keep him around for a bit longer. His illness was short lived and is under control.

Freebie: I haven't met my famous crush yet so haven't had to exercise that option. Derek hasn't met his either so we are even.

Kids: Darby didn't faint again and is quite healthy (other than sinus issues which we are treating). Tahlia is showing growing signs of adolescence which I am keeping one eye on. They are not happy that holidays are quickly coming to an end.

White fluffy: Millie our white fluffy had her teeth fixed and is eating up a frenzy. Her breath smells better too (most of the time).

Dog poo: Nothing has changed there. Still vomit when I see it BUT I did manage to bag up another on the beach recently. Major achievement. Lots of heaving but no follow through ...

Did I miss anything? If I did I apologise. Let me know! Talk to you all again tomorrow.

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