Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 109

Ironing. I hate to iron. I do not iron. I will not iron. I will not buy clothes that require ironing. Nope, no natural fibres in my house! I never did understand the concept of the crisp cotton shirt, and linen has me baffled completely. All those women out there wearing their natural fibres! It's usually the people from old money (you know, the twin set and pearls brigade). New money girls are polyester princesses, but old money honeys tend to do their bit for the farmers and go au naturale. Maybe they weren't actually born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but with an iron in their hands.

When I was auditioning men they had to know how to iron their own shirts, and I made it clear that I would never iron for them. No mummy's boys allowed in my house. They had to know how to look after themselves (and me) which means cooking, cleaning AND ironing. I hate to iron. I do not iron. I will not iron. My mother on the other hand irons everyone – sheets, tea towels, undies (!?! .., well maybe not undies), hankies (do hankies still exist?), jeans, t-shirts. My poor kids go to school in slightly crinkled clothes and I rock up in my no-need-to-iron nylon and lycra. At 10 Tahlia is just now being allowed to use the iron if she decides she wants to be crease free.

It sounds like we are a crumpled dish rag sort of family - no - there is a secret to not having to iron, and that is to hang your clothes perfectly on the line and fold them neatly as you bring them in off the line. Even Derek's cotton business shirts can be properly prepared for little to no ironing. You can't be hanging them all willy nilly on the line - shirts for example need to be hung on a hanger and brought in and hung straight in the wardrobe. Pegs need to be positioned for minimal peg mark (eg under the arms of t-shirts). I get seriously offended if someone tries to help out by bringing in the washing and they just hurl it in the basket creating a basket full of rags. That means I now have to iron! I know, I know, I sound really ungrateful and all that. I just don't like ironing. I understand the concept of ironing, just not as it applies to me.

Ironing. I hate to iron. I do not iron. I will not iron. Got it? Good ...

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