Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 110

I have just had a revelation! I may be a clown. All of my pyjama pants look like clown pants. Hmm. I have not noticed it before, because, after all, pyjamas are just clothes you wear to bed. Mine are usually a crumpled mess and would NEVER see an iron. They would probably disintegrate on contact if in fact they were ironed. Why are pyjama pants always striped, or checked, or covered in cartoon dogs? Why are they so big and baggy and puffy? You wouldn’t wear them on the street would you? Or would you?! If you were a hippy you probably would. I have quite a few hippy-esque friends who actually do wear trousers that closely resemble clown pants. I wonder what they wear to bed? Is it possible they wear tailored slacks at night when prying eyes aren’t watching them?

I remember going on a work trip once with my boss (many years ago) and while in the comfort of my hotel room I put on my enormous flanny PJ pants, my husbands t-shirt, and my 15 year old Ugg boots. My boss called me to discuss a work issue so I answered the door in my clown gear. The look on his face was confused to say the least. He actually said to me “Leanne, I am shocked! Who knew you turned into a frump at night?!” I of course laughed it off thinking “silly old fart”. I recall thinking at the time “poor Derek. Should I add rollers to my hair just to cap it off?" But I dismissed the thought quickly and never bothered to upgrade my pyjama stack. But now as I sit here in my oversized ¾ length pink, white, yellow and black stripy sleep gear, I wonder if my boss didn’t have a point. Why do I put so much effort into looking presentable and appealing of a day, only to let it all go to pot at night? Secretly I would probably love to be a hippy, and grown beans, eat curd, make pickles and grow rat-infested dreadlocks. I could make my trousers out of curtains or flour sacks and not worry about bras and suck-it-all-in-scuba-suit-underwear and just be all wayward nipples and flippy floppy muffin top. Hessian undies and all that. Isn’t that what women wear when they declare celibacy? Hmm. Not sure that is really me to be honest. The Hessian undies I mean. A bit too prickly.

I think it’s ok to just channel my inner hippy at night with my wardrobe full of clown pants. Clown pants does not necessarily a clowneth maketh. But I might go and buy some decent “going out” PJs though, for special occasions. I guess Derek and the kids deserve that much …

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