Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 114

Warning: Rated M (read while peaking through fingers).

Here is something of historical value – in the 17th century women used to wear a “merkin” (a wig for their hoo hoo) if they had to shave off their hair due to scabies (ie crabs) or had to hide signs of syphilous. Isn’t that interesting! Do you think the merkin will ever make a come back? You can still get them by all accounts but in Western culture it is usually a party sequined style Merkin to wear as part of a burlesque costume (to go with pasties – refer to Day 36).

I often wonder about vaginal fashion because through the ages it has been fashionable to have thick forests of hair, growing-down-the-legs hair, neatly styled hair, patterned hair, next-to-no hair, and zippo hair. I’m not sure the fashion trends actually happened in that order but they have happened and it makes me wonder that if, like clothing, certain fashions will reappear. I recall a particularly traumatising video I had to watch in birthing classes of a 70s chick in a weird tunic dress giving birth with black masses of hair half way down her thighs. The trauma wasn’t the child birth but the lack of a bikini wax. I was shocked! Had she no shame?! The week before Tahlia was due I took my overly pregnant self on a trip to the beautician to ensure the doctors and mid-wives didn’t see a repeat of that performance! But I digress …

What if fashions do change? There may actually be a need for merkins given so many woman have chosen the permanent hair removal option of a Brazilian. I often wonder about that choice given age may bring with it a need for hair – you know to cover up the wrinkles and saggy hanging bits. Zero hair is all well and good when you are carrying your lovely compact feminine purse between your legs but it’s another thing when you start to grow vaginal curtains. Yep, merkins may well make a comeback!

How does the merkin attach exactly? And do you get measured up for it or does it come in sizes? I guess you can choose colour and perhaps opt for curly or straight or layered or long or short or maybe even a mo-hawk. Anyway, it’s food for thought!

Just for your information, I won’t be needing a merkin because I have not traded my Aussie for a Brazilian. And given I am deep fried fruit, I don’t intend to (I need all the help I can get!)


  1. LOL I think I'll keep to my Australian thanks. A bit of bush is the way to go. Where can I buy your books?


  2. Hi Kelly! My books are still with publishers but I will let you know when they are available!! Happy Australia Day.

  3. Bahahaha! There I was worrying about all the problems of the world and I completely overlooked the possibility of the resurrection of the merkin. What was I thinking????

    BTW: We refer to our two cats as 'The Merkins' as they seem to be able to attach themselves to the crutch region when I am lying on the couch. They seem to stay attached by being incredibly stubborn.


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