Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 115

I got a book for my 40th called “Things to do now that you’re 40”. Yay! Some new wonderful things to add to my bucket list no doubt. I sat down this morning and randomly opened it to a page to see what wonderful pearls of wisdom would be brought my way. What will it be today? Will it be trapeze flying or hang gliding or pole dancing? None of the above. Today the book suggests that now I am 40 I may like to make my own jam. Hang on a minute, I turned 40 not 70!!! Make my own jam. What sort of bullshit is that?! That’s for grannies. So I close the book, close my eyes and then open it again at a new random page. Wallah! Today I am going to …. “make friends with my spinal column”. Okey dokey then. Interestingly I do actually have a chiropractic appointment today to try and get a handle on my neck and shoulder pain and constant headaches. How did the book know that? Magic. So that is what I am going to do today. As a 40 year old it is time to make friends with my spinal column. What will it be tomorrow?

A few hours later:

I am now officially friends with both my spinal column and my chiropractor. She was awesome! I have newfound energy and purpose ... and my headache is gone! This "things to do now that you're 40" caper might be just the thing needed for some positive forward movement. So I am closing my eyes and opening the book at a new random page to decide what to do with the rest of my day. I got " learn to distinguish between productive and non-productive worry; ditch the latter". Wow. This books IS magic. That is pretty much what my chiropractor said!!!

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to poo hoo that jam making idea. Does mixing blackberry jam with strawberry jam counts as making my own jam? I could do that ...

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