Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 89

Happy New Year! I looked in the mirror just now and said to my reflection "what does 2010 have in store for you?" and all I saw staring back at me was a pretty average looking tossle haired chick with panda eyes, a permanent sunglass tan, a frown, a new chin hair and a serious hangover. I have birdcage mouth (complete with sandpaper tongue) and a brass band in my head. Ouch. Not a good way to start the new year. My stomach is doing somersaults and I may vomit. So I'm staring in the mirror feeling miserable and wishing the day would end before it has even begun when I see my pyjama top which says "free to dream". So as I await my greasy hangover breakfast of bacon and eggs (good husband) I contemplate that little phrase. Free to dream.

What does 2010 have in store for this piece of deep fried fruit? Well if I am free to dream (and by dream I don't mean pie in the sky stuff, I'm talking about stepping up a notch to aim high and think large) I see 2010 as the year I get my kids books published, write new ones, generate income from this kick arse blog, watch my children grow physically and personally, dabble in some personal growth of my own (including some trapeze flying) and travel to new destinations creating memorable life experiences with my husband. I will be published this year. I am free to dream and given visualisation is key to success I am dreaming of my book launch. I can see it as clear as day. Yep, I think that may be my mantra this year. Free to dream.

So with that little new year philosophy now agreed I focus again on my face. Oh dear. You look like shite my friend. There were far too many bubbles absorbed last night and that bourbon night cap seemed to be bottomless. (Groan.) Shocking. And for what? It's not like we had a big party or anything - it was a just a family dinner at a posh restaurant and then home to sit and wait for midnight. Not really worth getting all liquored up for. My bacon and eggs are ready and they're essential to absorb the remaining alcohol which is whirl-pooling in my gutt. Blotting paper as my Dad would say.

I am free to dream, and right now I am dreaming January 1 is over and I can start fresh and well with January 2. I reckon there are around eight million or so other Aussies all dreaming the same thing ...

PS things became critical and an emergency call was made for the black doctor. He arrived in his red ambulance and wellness was once again restored. Thank you Coca-Cola ...


  1. Well done on the blog, you and I have a lot of amazing things to achieve this year. Looking forward to lots of coffee and catching up.


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