Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 90

Does the number 786 mean anything to anyone? As I was fading in and out of my New Year slumber yesterday afternoon the number 786 kept flashing up behind my eyelids. I had a very restless kind of sleep where I was aware of what was going on around me but dreamt anyway in a crazy sort of way. This is not unusual for me particularly when I am a little migrainous. There are times in a full migraine where I am flying above crowds of people and they are all looking up at me and talking non-stop. There are some people I know from my past, and others I've never seen before, and others don't have faces. Someone once suggested that I may be astral travelling which is a skill many spiritual folk would love to possess. They can have it! I hate it and it seriously plays havoc with my migraine. So yesterday I was having one of those odd sleeps where all sorts of people from my past wander through my dreams (as the people in my present physically wander in and out of my bedroom) and the number 786 kept appearing either on its own, or as a road sign, or in duplicate in different fonts and colours. And since then the number keeps appearing in my mind. 786. What on Earth could it mean?

We are in a lotto draw tonight but the number either in full or as individual digits isn't going to win it for us. It doesn't equate to any address I know or the page number of any book I am reading. It could be worth looking at the local horse races over the weekend to see if it is the winning combination to a long odds bet - but in what order to I follow the numbers? Race 7, horse 8 in barrier 6? Or horse 7, in barrier 8, race number 6? Nope. That's not going to work. So I googled the number to see if it might be the answer to the meaning of life or something and I found that it is some mathematical miracle related to the Qur'an. There's a whole book on it! Apparently there is a whole field of thought based on the Myth of 786! Wow. It is all based on the ancient art of numerology which went hand in hand with the development of mathematics, geometry and trigonometry (Pythagoras?). According to the internet the Muslim theological adventurers reduced the Qur’anic verses to numbers. (Sure they did. They obviously had a whole lot of spare time on their hands?!) In this practice the most commonly used number is apparently 786, which I am told is often found on letterhead, at the beginning of books, pamphlets, letters, etc. (Who knew!) Islamic writers say that 786 stands for BISMILLAAHIR RAHMAANIR RAHEEM which is the very first verse of the Qur’an. (Huh! You learn something knew every day.) But other writers argue this and say it actually equates to 787 and NOT 786. Oh dear. Wikipedia has a much simpler theory on 786 (and I quote) "786 is the integer coming after 785 and before 787". What would we do without Wikipedia? The number 786 is also relevant in astrology (something to do with Aries and some asteroid - my husband and mother are both Aries. Are they going to crash into each other?). Oh, and it is the telecommunications area code to Miami-Dade County in Florida. Am I off on a trip? Maybe that is where my publisher is located!!

786. What does all this new found information on 786 mean for me?! No freaking clue. I'd be disappointed if all these visions only led to some sub-conscious astral travel to Islam. It's just not my forte. Not my bag baby. I would prefer it if 786 led me to the winning lotto ticket or towards a publisher or to a flight number of a fully paid trip to an exotic destination (although Florida is not all that exotic).

If anyone out there can shed any light on this puzzle please let me know!

Just out of interest I googled another random number to see what it might equate to. I chose 484. There is no where near the information on this number. 786 is definitely a special one ...


  1. QF786 is the flight number for Brisbane to Cairns...a business holiday is written in the stars perhaps?

  2. Wooo Hooo! That sounds like a plan. Thanks Kylee ...


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