Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 91

My greys keep reappearing faster and more aggressively with each dye job. It used to be that I could go around 2-3 months between colours, but now 4 weeks is pushing the boundary. They first appear at the temples (so distinguished in a man!) and then they show in my part which is very skunkified. I did actually try going lighter with gold and caramel highlights so that the grey regrowth was less obvious, but all the money and time spent on that look kinda took away from what I was supposed to save by no longer being one solid colour. I often wonder what my hair would be like if I didn’t dye it at all. I haven’t had “natural” hair colour since I was around 15. Isn’t that shocking?! I have no idea what colour my hair actually is. I am pretty sure it is some sort of medium to dark mousey brown. I was born blonde … well actually I was born bald but by the time hair finally arrived around my 1st birthday it was pure blonde. I stayed blonde for a few years but slowly moved to honey coloured, light brown and medium brown by the time I was in my teens. That is when the hair dye came out. Actually, it was not really a dye, but a lightener spray that was designed to send you a few shades lighter and actually turned my hair orange. And THAT’S when the dye came out … to turn from orange back to brown. And so the life long beauty process began. I think it’s too late to experiment with my natural colour now. Quite clearly my natural colour includes a great deal of grey which is not something I am willing to embrace. I seriously do admire those women who go happily with what God gave them, but I am just not ready to do grey. Not yet. I am hoping there will be a point where I skip grey altogether and go straight to white (with blue rinse).

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