Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 93

I had a dream that my diamond was actually still in the ring, only it had slipped and was lodged down under the setting. I had the dream while still at the coast. My diamond-less ring was sitting at home in my jewellery box so I wasn’t able to inspect it. One of the first things I did when we got home yesterday was to take a closer look at the ring just in case. There’s no bloody room for a diamond to hide! How ridiculous. Another stupid dream. Right up there with the number 786. Oh, I wonder if the diamond has anything to do with the number? Probably my insurance claim number … it’s time to call it in and see if I actually had the thing insured … no, I hadn’t done that yet because (a) I was hoping the microscopic little F*&^er would turn up and (b) I didn’t want to find out I was incredibly stupid and didn’t have it insured … you know, ignorance is bliss and all that. Sigh. So that’s what is on my to-do list today …. Oh, and continue trying to assemble a trampoline. The kids got the biggest tramp on the planet for Christmas and now of course we have to put it together because they are beside themselves with excitement and staring at a box all day just won’t cut it … so we started it last night but shit it requires some muscle! Lucky I have some (his name is Derek) ... what do the single Mums do? I did contemplate that as we stretched and strained with the bloody springs ... Derek was swearing and yelling and has bruised and calloused hands now ... we are 6 whole springs short of having it completed (plus the big net thing needs to go up as well) ... do you think we can stretch those last few springs? Might have to invite the trampoline construction fairies for that job. Mind you, these fairies don’t have a great track record. The little bastards didn’t come while we were away and fold my washing like I asked. They have a seriously bad work ethic. I am starting to no longer believe in fairies ….

PS After some careful thought Derek decided that instead of using the trampoline tool to pull tarp to springs, that perhaps it would be easier to pull strings to tarp! Bingo. Easy as pie and no brusing or callouses required! All that stretching and straining and sweating and swearing ... hmmm. NOW THAT is laugh out loud funny .... There is a reason we hire a handy man to do most of the work at our house ... between us Derek and I seem to be a hammer or two short of a tool box ...

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