Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 94

Yesterday’s plans went well and truly out the window as Mummy had a kid emergency that almost had her hyperventilating and sobbing in true emotional Mummy style. Almost.

I took the kids and dogs for a walk/bike ride to the local park at 9.30 before the heat of the day set in. It was just a short walk to get them out of the house and use up some energy before they then had to hang out in front of the Wii while Mummy worked for a couple of hours at the computer. Then Derek was to come home for lunch and take them for round 2 at the school for some Heely riding and ripstick on the basketball court. Then back home for more indoor craft and activities until the sun faded in the early evening so that we could tackle the trampoline once more. Unfortunately it all went by the way-side when Darby passed out at the park. Shit.

They had a short play on the playground and it was time to head back home when Darby announced he was feeling dizzy. Not normal for Darbs. He decided he couldn’t ride his fabulous gear bike anymore (NOT normal for Darbs) and that he would need to walk instead. Then his legs buckled and he went down as I caught him in slow motion and padded his fall. But the big concern was when his legs and arms started to “convulse”. That’s when my panic set in and I was hysterical Mummy screaming at Tahlia to knock on doors until she found someone to call an ambulance. The whole thing probably only took 20 seconds but of course it felt like minutes. A very kind lady emerged with Tahlia to assess the situation by which point Darby was conscious and wondering what all the fuss was about. My dilemma though was how to get two kids, two bikes and two dogs back home when one kid was clearly unwell. Step in kind lady! She organised for kids and bikes to go to her house while I took dogs home to get the car. So I left her with the most important job (of making sure Darby didn’t die) while I ran home carrying Millie (the white fluffy) and encouraging Max (the hip gyrating Lab) to follow. It didn’t help that Max got side-tracked by a cat which had him go on a blind chase (I say blind because he couldn’t seem to actually see the cat … he could just sense it … must be losing his long vision … which had him going in circles, and back tracking and generally freaking out) and then in true Labrador style he fell over his own feet, into a drain right next to the storm water channel. Shit! I heard his jaw slap on the rocks as he went down. The poor dog didn’t actually realise that the cat was in the drain he had fallen in because the whole time his head was still darting about looking for the mysterious cat he could smell. With visions of me having to carry the white fluffy and a broken Lab flashing in front of my eyes, I managed to encourage him onwards and away from his lunch of feline ginger so I could pay attention to the job at hand. Getting my boy to a doctor.

Anyway, to cut what could be a very long story short I collected the kids and the bikes and rang my husband as I drove to the hospital (on the advice of my Doctor who I had called during the collection process). Apparently Darby had collapsed again as they had tried to move him from the playground to the Kind Lady house so I felt this was pretty serious. Visions of his jumpy twitchy limbs still vivid in my mind ….

So the upshot of the whole story is that we spent the day in the care of doctors in Emergency with Darby undergoing a barrage of tests to rule out all sorts of possible problems. The good news is he got the all clear! The bad news is we don’t know what caused it although his blood tests did suggest some mild dehydration. Roger that. I think what we did get out of the day though was some much needed family time void of TV, computers, games, distractions. All four of us had to sit and look at each other for hours and have conversations with actual eye contact. It sounds like we don’t do that very often. We do, but not necessarily all four of us, and definitely not for that length of time. With the little help of a hospital Etch-A-Sketch we managed to play Pictionary while we laughed, told stories, cuddled and generally loved and cared for each other. Darby had scared us and even his sister was worried. So although the incident was frightening (and we need to keep an eye on things) it took us to a place we may not have discovered for a while had it not occurred.

But that doesn’t mean we want it to happen again!! Oh no. Hysterical Mummy moments are not what I enjoy. I’m not particularly good at them … I always end up crying … and kissing the kids far too much … all over their faces … and then having them sleep with me for the next week for fear of losing them. Yep, Derek slept in the spare room last night … and Darby has a drink bottle permanently hanging by a string from his neck …

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  1. Oh my god, I am so glad Darby is ok, you had me worried for a bit. Please give him a hug from me and give yourself one from me too. Must have been a tad scary, sounds like you did very well.


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