Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 95

Derek suggested to me during our cleansing blitz that perhaps I would like to get rid of some of our coffee cups, particularly since I am the only one in the house that drinks anything remotely close to coffee (green tea and chai). But despite the fact I need a good quantity of cups for visitors, I actually am quite attached to many of my cups. Even when I was working in Government I would have at least 4 cups in the office at any one time. Which cup I use on any given day is dependent on my mood and my outfit. Yes, I like to be colour coordinated.

I have my plain white tall square cups that match my dinner ware which I use on days I feel chic and a little “avant garde” (that is what I am using today as my outfit is somewhat French looking … does that count as “avant garde”?). Then there are my comfort cups that bring me closer to those people who are removed from me physically (gifts from wonderful friends with pictures on them applicable to our friendship ... I even a hand made one from my soul sista Cathy which says "We'll Always Have Santa Fe"). Then there is the overly colourful cups in various pattern and colour combination which I use if I need a pick me up, or if I quite simply want my cup to match my outfit. Anal? Nooooo! Just good fashion sense. And the very regal looking cups that feel posh and queenly. Let's not forget the little Chinese tea cup and matching saucer, oh, and the beautiful green tea teapot and little cups from my darling step-daughter Chelsea. And last but definitely not least are my set of clay style mugs with the word BELIEVE written across them, because I believe very strongly in the word believe when it comes to goals setting, legacy creation and success planning. I also like the word believe when it comes to fairies and elves but given the bloody little fairies did a big no-show and I had to fold my own washing I am thinking "believe" is no longer applicable there ...

So the upshot is that no, while we are making many efforts to cleanse the home of do-dads and unnecessary materialism, I just can't seem to let go of my cups.

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  1. I would love to see a photo of the cups! Hope Darcy is feeling 100% now.


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