Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 97

As we walked around the fair the other night Darby started to highlight a few things that I have to say I hadn’t noticed. Well, I probably had, but they were things that I didn’t bring to the fore-front of my mind I guess. I was more interested in the amount of whirling I was about to be subjected to. But to a 5 year old, there were some physical aspects to the whole fair trip that really registered in his 5 year old brain. The first thing he noticed was the man at the first ride had no teeth! Oh yeah, you’re right Darbs, no teeth. I remembered that. He had been chatting me up for years! It was a laugh between me and my sister-in-law … I was always the one to attract the gummy ones. Then the man at the next ride had a “robot” leg. Oh I see, you’re right Darbs, he has a metal leg. Look Mummy, another man with no teeth. Yep, you’re right. No teeth. Oh, and Mum that man over there has no hair! You’re right again Darbs, he has no hair. Look Mum that man has tattoos on his face! Shit. Yes he does. Oh, and Mum that man doesn’t have teeth either! Hmmm. Obviously no dental plan for fair workers because as we looked around there were a lot of teeth missing. Which made me realise (among other things) I hadn’t had the kids to the dentist for over a year …

When I was pregnant with Darby my gums started to bleed. I had read that that can happen during pregnancy. Bleeding gums was a symptom (so to speak) of bun in oven syndrome. But as Darby celebrated his 3rd birthday and my gums were still bleeding when I brushed my teeth or ate an apple I started to wonder if the pregnancy symptom may have been played a little too long! I mentioned the bleeding gums to a few people and got back very authoritative and expert responses such as “gum disease!”, “gingivitis!” “tooth decay” and “tooth extraction!”. Oh dear. Is this a sign of age or a sign of mismanagement? So I guess it is time to go to the dentist but the problem with that is that you may get a prognosis of gum disease, gingivitis, tooth decay or tooth extraction. So with much trepidation I booked the kids and I all in for a check up. I was beside myself. I was getting the sweats as I entered the dental surgery as I just knew I was going to be reprimanded, that my teeth would all be pulled and that I would either be joining the ranks of the fair-ground toothless or the retirement village false-teeth-in-glass brigade. As it turns out it wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected. Yes, I had a bit of a problem. I hadn’t flossed enough. But the blood was just a warning that gum disease was on its way, not that it had actually set in, and all I needed to do was floss and brush a bit more. Phew!! But if years of bleeding was a warning then how many years had the toothless fair-ground crew been ignoring the signs?

I am sorry, this is probably politically incorrect but I can’t help but think of a line from an Austin Powers movie here. “Carnival folk! Small hands, smell like cabbage …” (and bloody gummy to boot apparently!). Making a dental appointment for 2010 is on my to-do list for next week.

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  1. Makes me want to go and floss my teeth right now, also reminds me of a sign in a dentist that was something like only floss the teeth you want to keep.


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