Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 98

I was lying on my stomach at the beach one summer a few years back and my nephew pointed to my hip region and said “what are all those white lines Aunty Leanne?” to which I replied “they are my Mummy stripes”.

When I first fell pregnant with Tahlia at the ripe old age of 29 I lathered myself with all the lotions and potions I could find to prevent stretch marks. I put this stuff on from thigh to chest and I am pleased to say I didn’t get a single stretch mark in that area. Then one day as I showered Derek asked what the bruising was on my back. Bruising? (This was long before I started having iron injections.) I spun around in slow pregnant circles like a big clumsy tortoise trying to glimpse its tail and there they were, these hideous reddish purple marks on my back/hip region. They looked like whip marks. It seemed that in some past life I had been sent to the gallows for 40 lashes. I couldn’t believe it. Who the hell knew you grew back there during pregnancy?! Well, when you put on 23 kg it has to go somewhere I suppose.

So now that they have finally lost their colouring I have these wonderful white stripes across my muffin top. They are accentuated in summer as I tan, because no matter how hard I try, the stipes just won’t tan with me. Forget my inner lioness, I am now working on my inner tiger! They are particularly highlighted at the moment as I am browner that I have been in years. Oh well. They remind me of my beautiful first born and as hideous as they can seem at times, I am actually proud of their presence. I do however use the “reduce stretch marks now” moisturiser to nourish them a little, just to lessen the tone, but all in all I probably wouldn’t change them. Who am I kidding, that’s bullshit, of course I would! But I can’t, sooo … let’s just think positively about them. Besides, I can’t actually see them unless I twist and turn and turn myself inside out, or maybe if I run around in circles really fast, so I don’t have to look at them. And for those that can see them, ie my children, I can use it against them as they grow through adolescence. Can’t I? Is that allowed? “You see what I put my body through so that you could be on this planet!!” I am sure that statement will come in handy one day …

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