Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 99

When do the signs of Alzheimer’s start to show? When do you know your loss of memory is more permanent and no longer equated to child birth, overwork or hair bleach? I remember my Mum once telling me she had to give up her aluminium saucepans because aluminium was a tested cause of Alzheimer’s. Hmmm. That is when I realised she had given me the aluminium saucepans to take to uni. So not only had I eaten from them my entire childhood I got a few extra years added by using them when I left home as well. Thanks Mum. But seriously, how do you know your memory (or lack-there-of) is actually of concern rather than attributed to current circumstance.

I ask all this because my brain is currently mush. I was always famous for my amazing ability to remember the minutiae. Someone would reference an event and I could tell you who was there, what date it was, what people were wearing, what food was served and what colour your undies were! (and these were events that happened 20+ years ago). Now I can’t even remember the plot of a movie we saw last week. That happened once before – after the birth of my first child. But I figured that was the female hormone of “forget child birth forever” so that you wouldn’t be afraid of birthing again. Plus I guess the combined lack of sleep factor. But why am I so smudgy in the head now? Is this a sign of age, or a sign of circumstance, or a sign of health? Which is it? And is there some way of reversing it? It’s becoming quite dysfunctional particularly when I drive 20 kms further than I need to and then drive in circular weaves until I return where I was actually headed in the first place (to the corner shop), when I forget half the groceries (or worse forget to buy food at all and therefore forget to feed the kids), when I’m out and about and suddenly can’t recall if I was out on my own or did I bring the kids, and if so, where the hell are they, what my name is, what my husband’s name is (am I married at all?), what day of the week it is, what year it is, what planet I’m from …. Anyway, you get the picture. My memory ain’t as good as it used to be and I would love to write a whole lot more about it but for the life of me I can’t remember why I started writing on this subject in the first place.

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