Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 122

Today I opened my little "Things to do now that you're 40" book to the page that says "throw a party where you play only the music you danced to as a teenager and invite everyone to dance; see if guests revert to teenage behaviours". Well, I did that. That was my 40th birthday party! An 80s disco, and yes, teenager behaviours returned all round. Me in particular. There was a shocking display of air guitar to Prince's "Let's go crazy". I might even post the photo. Who wants to see the photo? I don't normally post photos in this blog but I know you want it, sooo ...

So what now?

The book says to "accept that creative blocks happen sometimes and recognise the positive in them; they make you appreciate your creativity even more when it returns." De ja vu! Have I opened at this page before? All I can say about that suggestions is that it doesn't help me get this bloody blog written does it??!! It's alright for the book to say that when the book hasn't promised to blog for 365 days straight! Stupid book. Next.

"Write a poem to your true love, whether you're with that person or not". I am not sure Simon Baker will accept my letters though? And Robbie Williams would just steal it and turn it into a song and forget to acknowledge me and I would get all cranky and feel rejected. Hmmm. I could write one to Derek I suppose, but I would have to steal the "arty farty" one from Day 120. His name is after all Sir Fart Alot. Oh, yes, I've already written poems for Tahlia and Darby. Yes. Done that. Come on little book, give me something I haven't done yet. Where are the trapeze lessons? Next!

"Whittle something from a piece of wood". Huh?! Um, no. That's right up there with making your own jam! I am not whittling wood. That goes on the shelf for when I am in my 70s. Get a grip little book! I am here for the living not the whittling ...

Come on little book, give me something I can work with today to expand my Deep Fried Fruit horizons! Come on ....

"Be very grateful that wrinkles don't hurt." Ok, I can do that! That is my mantra today. As I rub my haemarrhoid cream into my crows feet I will repeat "I am so grateful my canyons are painless". As I pull my neck sacks back with a bulldog clip I will say "I love that my neck drapes don't hurt (except for this blasted bull dog clip)" Hang on a minute wrinkles do hurt. Ditch the bulldog clip then. Yep, that is better. Not hurting now. But look at the neck curtains! Time to grow my hair long enough to cover them.

Ok, I get it. Stop being so vain and rejoice in the wrinkles which depict the road map of my life.

Today is a day for accepting and respecting wrinkles and for being grateful that although the remedy is the same they don't hurt like haemarrhoids do. Oh, and I am grateful that I don't have haemarrhoids.

Living in the attitude of gratitude today and drinking from my "believe" mug. It's gonna be a great pain free day! I have lots to be grateful for.

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