Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 128

I have been asked via email to continue with the blog glossary, so here are a few more I have come up with (refer to Day 119 for original set http://deepfriedfruit.blogspot.com/2010/01/day-119.html).

Blogorce: the divorce you get when one person is a blog dog (blog dog: an uptight bitch who blogs)

Bloggitude: your blogging attitude - can be negative or positive. "He has bad bloggitude!"

The Bloggatron: That wonderful fair-ride that is blogging. You start off having fun and can't get enough of it and keep lining up for more until eventually it just makes you plain sick and dizzy - refer to resulting conditions of Blogaphobia and Blogapnoea (see Day 119)

A Blogaphobe: Someone who refuses to even read a blog, doesn't understand them and is basically afraid of them.

Blogathon: A creative session where you can't stop spilling out your thoughts, so much so that you have to open a Word document to get it all down and save it for posting another day.

Bletiquette: Blog etiquette.

Blogorama: When you open up sites such as Blog This and discover a whole new panoramic world of blogs!

Blaugh: The blogs that give you a good LOL (as opposed to Blaff which are the blogs that make you barf)

Blogasmic: A posting so awesome it blows everything else out of the water

Blogiscidal: Right up there with Blogapnoea, Blogaphobia, Bloganoia, Blogasteria (see Day 119). If you are feeling blogiscidal then perhaps blogging is no longer for you.

Blogiscide: When you post something that is so opinionated or so crass that people un-follow you. You have committed blogiscide.

Bloggable: The stuff you come across everyday that can be blogged about. It is totally bloggable.

Bloggobabble: The blog glossary is a classic example of bloggobabble.

I hope that lesson in blogdom keeps you going for a few more days! When inspiration hits I will post some more, but right now I need to get ready for boot camp. Yep. I start dragging tyres up hills, carrying weights around the lake, sprinting up stairs and doing thousands of push-ups, sit-ups and burpies today. I am sooooooo looking forward to it (NOT!!)

See you tomorrow (unless I am left to die on a hill ....)

A few hours later:

I did not die on a hill. No hills at all today! They eased us back into boot camp relatively slowly with boxing and sprinting. My arms are killing me. Can't raise them above my head. Won't be doing my hair today. Boxing is great for Deep Fried Fruit because it not only firms up the tuck-shop arms but gives you something/someone to legally belt ...


  1. Haha, love it! Good luck surviving boot camp - it sounds positively dreadful!


    Hillarious! Love it.

    Can I find you on twitter? Are you there?


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