Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 129

Look at that - I am 40 years and 129 days old. Wow! More than a third of the way through my 40th year. I am going to have to pick up the pace a bit with some of those goals!

I am buggered. My post is a little later than it has been because I quite simply couldn't wake up this morning. I think it was a combination of my extra early rise yesterday and my first day back at boot camp, as well putting my head down and bum up to take care of business yesterday. Brain drain. I commenced a targetted marketing campaign with 25 letters out the door advertising my wares. Life coach anyone?

So, what are we going to talk about today? Let's open my little "things to do now that you're 40" book. Oh lookey! 4 wonderful pearls of fun for the day.

(1) Knuckle down if you don't feel you make enough money yet: You know, I used to make a bloody good wage when I was working for someone else (funnily enough) but now that I am in business for myself it is not quite so bloody good. Yeah, it's good to be out of the rat race and being my own person, but that's not getting fillet mignon on the table. That will change though. If I could just get these bloody books published we'll be fine. You know what! I rely too heavily on Derek's wage. I've become lazy. I have a good client base, but I only ever take on as many clients as I can fit around family, cheerleading, writing books and managing the house. Hmmm. Success is a choice. Maybe the book is right (shock, horror) it's time to knuckle down. Righteo then! Today is more target marketing AND a bit of not-so-patient persistence with publishers. It's time to up the ante! (or is that up the anti?)

(2) Be able to rub your stomach and pat your head simultaneously: Yep, got that down pat (so to speak). But can you pat your stomach and rub your head? Hmmm. Not quite so easy! I just got sprung by my daughter .... "Mum, what are you doing?" ... "just my things to do when you're 40 exercises sweety", "wow, you don't get out much Mum", "say THAT when I'm flying a trapeze in two weeks time!"

(3) Get housework down to a fine art, so you spend as little time as possible: yeah well, I know all about housework, just not as it applies to me. I mean I do it. I dust - once a fortnight - but the pesky stuff keeps coming back! And vaccuuming is left to Roomba my robotic carpet sweeper. Yesterday I squirted some domestos around my shower but when I went back last night it still wasn't overly clean. Apparently I am supposed to get down and scrub it as well as squirt it?! And you all know about my dark hair on the white bathroom tiles. Absolute filth. But the clothes are washed (and folded nicely even if not ironed) and the toilets are clean and the kitchen is spotless and the house is tidy. Just don't open any cupboards or my world may land on your head. If you were to walk into my home you would think "nice, she's got her shit togegther" and I have. I just don't get all freaked out and anal over the minor details. But isn't a clean home the sign of a wasted life? Unless of course you are super human like my mother - she has the whole clean house thing mastered AND climbs mountains, trekks through jungles and swans around at the beach. You may recall that my mother-in-law gave me a book called "Speed Cleaning: A Spotless House in Just 15 Minutes a Day". I put it in the pile and never looked at it again. I think I have my housework down to a fine art. I do a bit on a Monday and a bit on a Friday (and I make the beds, tidy the lounge room, clean the toilets and wipe over the kitchen daily). What else is there? Done. Next!

(4) Don't be too hard on yourself. If you don't succeed at something perhaps you have chosen the wrong goal: WHAT!!!?!? No. I don't agree with you little book. If you don't succeed then get out there and try again! Of course, it does depend on the goal. I mean, if you have decided to fly to the moon in a home made rocket and you can't get off the ground in your cardboard box then yes, it is the wrong goal. But for the most part go out there and aim for the metaphorical moon and at the very least you will land amongst the stars. Success is a choice! And I am choosing it. So no, I am not changing my goals, just my strategy.

Ok, so that's a lot of bloggobabble. Time to get our day started. It's a day to knuckle down so with that said I'm off to have a shower and I may even scrub it while I'm in there.

Oh yeah ... I booked my trapeze lessons ... Sunday 28th February ...


  1. Number 1 on your list really interests me. I'm very lucky to have a job I love. But if that ever changes, I wonder if I would be brave enough to follow a passion and take a significant pay cut. I'd like to think so, but I'm really not sure. Great post!

  2. Hi Leanne, looks like it's all happening for both of us. I really had a good laugh when I read todays entry.


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