Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 131

It has been 131 days since my 40th birthday and it just keeps on going! My birthday that is ... sure 40 keeps on going too, and so does life, but I'm talking about my birthday ... or should I say my birth-131-day(s).

Today I get my IOU from Mum which is a joint session at a day spa. Woot woooooot!!! We are having some sort of herbal facial thingimo as well as an all over body wrap with scrubby bits and massage moments. It all sounds so exotic! We will be in a double room for the facial component but they strongly suggested separate rooms for the other bit since we'll be pretty much naked. Oh sure, if I have to. No need for Deep Fried Fruit and Deeper Fried Fruit to have a fry-off to compare levels of frydom. They said we need to bring spare undies. The mind boggles?! Do they think I am going to pee my pants in excitement? Well I might I suppose. Of course it could be because I actually leave my undies on during the scrub and rub and they get all muddy. Yes, that would be it ...

Anyway, that is what is on the agenda for this little princess today. Don't hate me too much. I'll tell you all about it this arvo when we're done ...IF I have the energy that is .... it all sounds positively strenuous and completely exhausting.

Many many MANY hours later ...

Mmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhh. That's really all I have to say!

Let me give you the spiel from the brochure as my brain is too numb with relaxation to create my own blurb:

A Body Bliss Balance body treatment for balancing and hydrating tired and stressed-out bodies. A gentle exfoliation washed off with aura body wash then a massage of chakra essence & Shea butter with a blend of essential oils selected to balance the emotions, nourish and regenerate the skin (60 minutes) . Followed by a Wildflower Healing Facial which is a deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by high-performance organic healing herbals, wildflowers and treatment mask to hydrate and energise the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and radiant (another 60 minutes). Fabulous! I feel fresh and free and light and very very fluffy ...

No pants wetting ... although my pants are wet due to the scrub thingimo ... and I did need to pee urgently during the facial ... but I didn't disgrace myself. It's all good!

Thanks Mum for an absolutely fantabulous 40th birth-131-day present! Let's do it again for my 41st!!


  1. Hi Leanne, award for you on my blog, thanks for a laugh again.

  2. That sounds so awesome! My sister and I booked in for a double treatment once. We ended up naked in a bath together - something we haven't done for almost 30 years. It was so awkward it was hilarious!


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