Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 136

Someone asked me the other day how the hell I manage to blog daily. Well the answer is "it's not easy" but it is a great way to keep your creativity alive and brain exercised. It definitely wakes my mind up quickly each day and after blogging I tend to become very productive in the other areas of my life. I think it is because writing is my passion and to do so the moment I get out of bed feeds my spirit. But there are times like yesterday when you rely quite heavily on the material of others to get your mind into gear. I mean, if you are resorting to transcribing the wrappers of menstrual pads you've got to face up to the fact that you may actually be blogipated and should take a nice little mind-freeing laxative.

The mind-freeing laxative for me is to exercise it by reading. But like many I don't get a lot of time to read. January is my big reading month with about 3 chick lit novels read on the beach over the holiday season. My current author of choice is Marian Keyes as she has a similar writing style to me and she totally feeds my sense of humour (and creativity).

Of course magazines are a great alternative when time is of the essence. A quick article during a toilet stop, or with a morning cuppa, or on the bus will often satisfy the mind. I realised recently that my magazine mind has matured since turning 40. It was like a switch was flicked and I swapped from the gossip trash to mags of substance. I used to LOVE my weekly hollywood update, with the sensationalised stories and seriously opinionated fashion updates. But as I neared by Deep Fried Fruit goal post I started to get a bit peeved with the headline grabbing statements that didn't reflect the story at all. And how did they know that "Mrs Movie Star" had recently slept with "Mr Game Show Host"? Were they invited into the bedroom for a look-see? I think what really got up my goat was the fashion pages where rather than just report that "Teenage Pop Sensation" wore G&D to the opening of the lollypop store, they had to voice their opinion on how well she did or didn't wear it. Hang on, can't I form my own opinion on that? Why don't you just report the facts and let us do the rest. Yes, my magazine mind has matured somewhat and I am now in the ranks of the Woman's Weekly, Notebook and Better Homes and Gardens.

That doesn't mean I stop caring about the celebs. Oh no. I am still very shallow in that regard. So how do I keep up with the Hollywood goss? I feed my need by watching the news. Not the nightly news (I actually have a news ban in my home because I find it gives bad energy) but E News of course! No, no bad energy with E News! It's all fun. And Ellen does a good job too with positive celeb reporting and lots of dancing the key to her success.

So there you go fellow blog dogs. That is how I manage to post daily. I read. I read, I watch and I listen. You inspire me! Yep, I take little bits from you ... and dabs from them ... a whole lot of me ... and a sprinkle of us ... and I even read other blogs to see if the ramblings trigger anything in the recesses of my mind to blogobable about. I get inspired by others. That's what life is all about after all, isn't it?

Happy reading (and thanks for the inspiration).


  1. Ditto. Find reading your and other blogs (especially those you suggest) motivating and entertaining, usually because we have a similar view point/humour. I must admit to still sneaking a peak at trashy gossip mags at hair dressers or doctors office! FYI -savings tip- if you like Oprah or American Glamour (awesome magazine!!!) it's almost half the cost to subscribe to these mags directly & get them delivered to your door from the US than it is to pop down to any Aussie newsagency...and you'll have your copy almost 6 weeks before that issue is available in newsagency in Aus.

  2. I'm posting daily at the moment, but I know there will come a day when I'm struggling for inspiration. Thanks for the pointers!


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