Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 137

It's 5.00am which makes it blog o'clock. It seems to be the only time I get any peace and quiet to write! I am sitting here in my exercise gear, eating a banana, and getting ready for boot camp. A wise person once told me that if you are aiming to complete a goal or a task which you feel a little resistant about, then set yourself up for the path of least resistance to lead you to the result you desire. For example, if you would prefer to sleep in instead of attend dawn boot camp (which is exactly how I feel this morning) then wear your exercise gear to bed making it really hard to NOT get up and exercise. You're already dressed and ready to go so excuses will be harder to make come morning time. Does that really work? Well, if you were all dressed up, had your make up done professionally, been to the hair dressers for a bee hive and bought a new ball gown, and suddenly decided you no longer wanted to attend the company function, would you scrub off the make up, detangle the up do and put your ball gown back in the cupboard never to be worn again? Chances are you would attend the function anyway because it's the path of least resistance. Am I right? Maybe .... Anyway, last night I went to bed wearing my exercise gear. I had a migraine and had taken some heavy duty painkillers and knew that waking would be an issue, so I figured I'd give it a go. As I lay in bed this morning struggling to open my eyes I seriously contemplated texting my trainers to say I wouldn't be there on account of the headache. But no, I am already dressed! I've got my leggings on, sports bra, t-shirt, socks. My cap and shoes were right by the bed. It's too easy to actually go!! It would seem silly not to go. The very wise person might be right. Perhaps that is why he is a very wise person ...

That said, I'm off to booticus campicus again. I seriously don't feel like going, and I haven't an ounce of energy, but I'm dressed so at least I have that base covered.

A few hours later:
If I hadn't taken the path of least resistance I wouldn't have experienced the world of complete resistance. We had to wear bloody 5kg weight vests today as we jogged, sprinted, jogged, sprinted around the lake until we came across the hill which we had to sprint up, jog down, sprint up, jog down, then do these big stepping up lunge things and some other stuff, before jog sprinting back to the cars ... oh, but don't let me forget the sitting squats against posts along the way ... You see! If I hadn't listened to the wise man I would never have experienced the joys of exercise and the wonders of feeling fit, fabulous (yet slightly fatigued) at 40! And I wouldn't be confined to my home today as a result. My legs are jelly. My knees are shot. My legs are so sore I can't get up and down the stairs which will allow me to escape these four walls. Excuse me wise man, but could I be now trapped in my path of least resistance? Ok, I can't stay here. I need to take the path of heaps of resistance and get down the stairs and off to join the world ... I have a nail appointment to attend!!

"I'm so grateful I've got legs, I'm so grateful I've got legs, I'm so grateful I've got legs ...."

(I wonder how Mum's life without feeting is going? I had better give her a call.)


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