Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 143

I am drinking from my orange summery cup today - I refer to it as my "every day's a sunny day" mug. It makes me happy. Plus it is colour coordinated with my skirt. I am wearing orange ... colour coordinating your clothes with your crokery is important you know ...

I was going to spend my morning taking care of business and doing some research on new success training techniques, but instead I am off to the school to be a teaches aid! My first paid gig. What is this all about? Well, given I spend so much time at the school cheerleading, and given I was volunteering in the class rooms anyway, and given business isn't exactly bringing in an executive level wage right now, and since I am not yet on the publicity trail for my fabulously successful children's books (no, not published yet, just being positive), I figured it might be worthwhile putting my name down to be available for teachers assistant relief work. I did the application, had the interview, got a thumbs up and attended some little information system, and BINGO, I'm in (apparently). Should I attend a course or something?!

This morning as I sipped my tea from my sunny daze cup I got a 7.00am phone call asking me to come on board. At first I was thinking, who the hell would call me at 7.00am?!? Luckily I answered the phone with my professional "I'm so pleased you are calling" voice instead of my "who the hell would be calling at this time?" voice. So there you have it! Today I step out of my comfort zone and join the ranks of the teachers. Well, the teachers aid.

I am not sure how it will all go on the days I have back to back clients, and book tours, and conferences to attend (where I am the key note speaker), and Oprah to meet, but today it is working for me so let's do it.

You see, the power of the mugs!! Every day is a sunny day ...


  1. What does a teachers aide job entail? I hope it went wonderfully :)

  2. I loved my years as a teacher's aide. I, too, was spending so much time volunteering in the classroom and about the school, that they said they might as well put me on the payroll! It's a fun, diverse, varied roll that involves helping the primary school kids with their work, helping the teacher in what ever capacity that entails (photocopying, preparing craft, etc) listening to the kids read, help with sport, all sorts of wonderful fun things. This can lead to other offers to assist the school in the library and also the front office. You'll be fabulous at it Leanne, and your kids are still at an age where they lurve to see you at school :-) Let us know how you went, and did you end up with paint or glue all over you?

  3. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  4. Ahh brings back memories of the fun of children without the duty of care I now have as a teacher. Mind you relief is so much less stress usually. Hope you have had a great day and lots of fun.

  5. It was wonderful! I spent time with Kinders one-on-one doing letters and sounds, and then across to year 1 where I worked with one of the reading groups, and then back to kinders for more one-on-one and then off to year 3 where I did some admin work for the teacher so he could concentrate on the teaching! It was a lovely day. I was able to come home for a late lunch and a quick cheerleading prep, and then back up there to take my little 5-7 year old Mini Stars! A day full of lovely littlies ... who aren't my own ... and who for some reason I am much more patient with?! There is a lesson in there for me somewhere ...

  6. Sounds like a fun day - and I guess if you do it on an occasional basis then it will remain a novelty and fun.


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