Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 145

Mum is absolutely NOT adhering to her "life without feet". Her feet are bound and strapped like a Geisha (which is interesting because she actually dressed as a Geisha for my 40th party) and it is my understanding that she should really stay off them for the majority of the day, but given she can't sit still for longer than it takes to eat a meal she is pushing the "life without feet" boundaries and spending the majority of her time on them! What will this do to her flippers in the long run? Is she doing them damage or is she perhaps toughening them up and getting them in good working order again? Another of those deep fried conundrums. Something that only time will tell ...

In the meantime (when I am not telling her to stay off her feet) I am giving her little projects to do. Yes, I am making good use of my ol' mum. Before you start yelling at me, they are sitting down projects ... for the most part ... I'm not parading her around on her stumps. The current project is to help make Tahlia's calisthenics solo costume. Tahlia's solo comps start in 4 weeks and we have to make a razzle dazzle leotardy thing in the line with her coaches vision that is pink and black and gold. It is strapless (although not really ... we need some sort of "invisible" strappy thingos to actually keep it up) and it has a tie at the back with much of the back cut out and a huge bow on her bum. Oh and sequins. Lets not forget those bloody sequins. Not easy when you have gloriously wonderful acrylics. Long nails and sequins do not get along very well and create many "fascinating" moments. Now the new conundrum is do we buy a flesh coloured leotard and sew all the other colours onto it, or do we build it from scratch. And if we build it from scratch how do you make it stretchy so that she can perform in it (with her forward walk-overs and back bends and other stretchy flexy stuff). You see? That is the worry of Mummy's the world over. How to make your freakin kids costumes. Surely I can pay someone. Anyone? Oh yeah, don't panic, I've got Mum. Ok, ok. Just a momentary lapse of reasonable conscious thought ... I'm back on track now. We are off to scout the dance shops to see what we can find.


  1. My poor mother had two daughters doing calisthenics. I did it for 12 years and my sister did it for 23 years. That's a bucketload of sequins! I never really appreciated it at the time, but I sure do now.

  2. Calisthenics as well!! Geez Kelly, wish you were my neighbour ...

  3. Imagine my delight when I discovered last year that the dance school I put muss4 in hires all the customes! No sequin sewing here! YES! Lol. Meanwhile my MIL has just had to start sewing sequins on costumes fir my SIL who is 25 and just taken up dance a year ago! Good luck with the costume :)


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