Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 151

I decided to take Max for a walk/run while I did some interval training to get me ready for the upcoming Relay for Life challenge. We didn’t get very far when Max found something absolutely vomitingly dreadful to roll in. He’s rolled in some heavy shit before (no pun intended) but this took the cake. I don’t know what it was but it involved liquid and hanging bits and clumping of hair and smelled like a cross between vomit and dead animal. It was bad enough that it was on him, but it was triply bad that it was also on his collar which I had to touch to get him back on the leash. So after lots of dry heaving (which I am still doing at the keyboard as I try to describe it) we finally got home and I was able to throw a bucket of water over him. Derek arrived with the hose and we scrubbed him with the sweetest smelling shampoo I could find. I then showered for an hour and have since squirted Nasonex up my snout to try and kill the stench. It didn’t work. It is clinging to my nose hairs. These dogs are going to be the death of me. Which of course will give Max something new to roll in …


  1. I KNEW there was a reason we don't take our dog for a walk very often - ewwwww!!

  2. PS - you've been tagged!


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