Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 152

I have an addiction! I have a freakin’ addiction for the first time in my life. Actually, make that the second time in my life.

I do not have an addictive personality so having an addiction is completely new to me. Unlike my husband who gets addicted to stuff easily (he's tried all sorts of things within the main Betty Ford list as well as off the wall stuff like “Crash Bandicoot” for Playstation) I just don’t get into the repetitive need to consume. Until now ….

I have smoked cigarettes in my past, but stopped the moment I realised it gave me headaches. I have put $2 in a poker machine once, but walked away the moment it got boring. I smoked marijuana 3 times in my life, but then I couldn't work out the purpose so packed it in. Given my husband once bought me “horny goat weed – for her” it is safe to say I am not a sex addict. And although I drink alcohol quite frequently, I do not need it daily (however the whole binge drinking thing may be something to look at … but that is a discussion for another day). So as you can see, I don’t have any run-of-the-mill addictions. During my first pregnancy I put on 23kg through consumption of sticky date pudding, which may be considered an addiction, but instead is listed as a craving (wipe the brow with a big “phew” for that one).

So, what is my addiction? Well, I know that I am like a decade too late, but I have recently become addicted to “Sex in the City”. Shocking. Absolutely shocking. I missed it the first time around because my step-daughter had only just reached double digits and to have a 9.00pm TV show of that magnitude showing in our home during school holidays made me gasp in surprise and plumb-in-mouth shock. I couldn’t believe how brazen it was. I was new at parenting and thought that anything I may or may not do would seep into the child via photosynthesis or passive assimilation or something. She wasn’t allowed to watch it of course, but it was a banned substance in the home because it was, after all, porn! Since then she is the one telling me that Mr Big is crap and as an actor she can’t watch him in anything because of how he treated Carrie (she is now 21 … it’s ok … the parenting via photosynthesis didn’t actually happen …)

Then a couple of years ago at my girly trip away I saw the “Sex in the City” movie and was instantly hooked. Yes, it was a bit pornographic, but the story line outweighed the nudity and I kind of got it.

I still didn’t have a desperate need for it though until we recently connected to Digital IQ. Yep, we can now record shows continuously with the flick of just one button. So now I have episodes and episodes and episodes of the show that I can recall at any minute of any day. I am finding that any 20 minute window of opportunity is being consumed by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Oh, and don’t forget Aidan and Mr Big. I am right in the middle of hating Mr Big and loving Aidan (which is a shock because in the movie I was quite supportive of Mr Big).

Yes I am a full decade behind so have missed all the self-help groups specifically set up for such an addiction. What does one do when the addiction is old school? Was there ever an SiTC–anonymous group, and if so, does anyone know of a chapter that may still be open?

I know I am behind the 8 ball but Jimmy Choo and Milano Blanik are now in my vocabulary and I am foaming at the mouth for a piece of the NYC action. Is there a pill I can take? No seriously, is there?? This is taking over my life …. And for some reason I really want to go dancing in a gay bar … and smoke cigarettes … take eccies … and drink Cosmopolitans … and write a column for a newspaper … and … and … and …

For the first time in my life I have an "ism" ... 


  1. Hi Leanne, Sex in the City was one of my faves a while back and I had my own Mr Big going by the name of Rob, so many similarities. Ah memories.

  2. Hmmm, maybe the "cure" for your addiction is to watch some of Sarah Jessica Parker's old, hideous 80's movies!! Maybe that will break the "spell!" (I love SITC, too!)

    Hi! I'm new to your blog, following from Kellyansapansa! So glad I dropped by, your site is terrific. I'm your newest follower!!


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