Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 153

When I divulged the innards of my hand bag on Day 150 I mentioned my fabulous car. (No, my car wasn't in my hand bag, but the keys were.) I need to give it some more air time because it is after all my favourite possession.

So why does a plain old Kia Grande Carnival get top possie on my possessions list? It's not a style car, and it doesn't sport any posh emblems, nor does it rate in any of the Top Gear lists. But for me it symbolises wonderful family adventures.

Many many years ago we had a very basic medium sized sedan. I recall one particular trip home from the coast after Christmas where we had all the gifts received in the boot along with our luggage which meant monkey straps were holding the trunk closed. On the backseat we had Max as a large puppy, Tahlia as a large toddler, and Chelsea as a young (but tall) teenager. They were surrounded by beach towels, blow up toys, hanging clothes and a few odds and sodds. Then there was Derek and I in the front. It was manageable but would have been deadly in an accident. That's when it happened ... Tahlia got car sick and threw up .... everywhere. We pulled over on the side of the road and unloaded the backseat to relieve Chelsea from her torture and to try and stop Max from feasting on the vomit to relieve mine. As every fly in Australia suddenly appeared I screamed that this was it!! We were buying a station wagon ....

That declaration was firmly agreed to by the entire family an hour later when we stopped for a toilet break only to have Max roll in something foul. We wrapped him in a beach towel and had to drive with the windows down and our heads out the window for the remainder of the trip home.

So our next car was a fire engine red Ford Station Wagon which to us felt like a limousine. but another child and lots of family trips later we again outgrew the wagon and have gone for the luxury of the Carnival. Oh yes, it is luxurious. We have seats with arm rests, we can recline to almost flat for those much needed cat naps, there is SOOO much cargo space and when the back row is folded into the floor it turns into a utility of sorts with a space far greater than our wagon. We have side steps, roof racks, CD stacker, USB port, reverse camera, reverse sensors (yes, I have both because I am afraid of running over someone's kid), DVD player with wireless headsets and as I said the other day ... the biggy ... 11 cupholders. This car is the business class cabin of the modern jet. Even Derek at 6 foot 5 is comfortable in the middle row (the backseat is ok, but probably a little more cattle class).

So it is for that reason that my Kia Grande Carnival is my favourite possession. We go on extended family junkets a few times a year with Derek's brother and family, my parents, Derek's parents, and us. No, we don't all fit in one car, but we come bloody close! We can also easily cart about our wonderful international buddies when they visit and take them on sight seeing adventures. We can put two entire families in our car for a trip filled with singing, seat dancing, movie watching and laughter. We call it the fun bus (when we are not calling it the cheer van). It's definitely an essential element of my Deep Fried Fruit tool box. I love it!!

Today the Kia gets filled with family fun again! Today is the day we are heading to the NSW Snowies for an autumn adventure. I can't wait! These little long weekend escapes are a great way to see New South Wales and really do fill the experiences component of my legacy creation nicely.

Thank you Kia Grande Carnival! You truly are a fun bus. I am off to pack ...


  1. Have fun Leanne, hope we can catch up soon I would benefit from some more wise words over coffee.

  2. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!


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