Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 154

Have woken up in Jindabyne to start our mountainous adventure and it is raining. Heavy rain. Dare I say torrential! Would it be child abuse to head for the hills in this? Maybe Mount K is so high it reaches through the rain clouds and above the water? That happened when I went sky diving you know. It was a rainy day and we flew up above the clouds to where it was blue! Amazing. I had never thought about that before. That the clouds are just a cover, just a temporary blanket, and if you can rise above them there is sunshine and blue sky. I jumped out of the plane with the beauty of blue and sunshine all around me and only as I fell at 200km an hour did I end up in the clouds with rain slapping at my face. Once I got through the rain we pulled the chute and floated calmly back to Earth.

I often think about that when I am suffering from my own internal cloudiness. That happens often you know (the internal clouds) and it can be hard to rise above it at times but just knowing there are blue skies above helps.

I am not sure it will help today though. I don't think our little Mount K will out climb these rain clouds and we may be destined to spend our weekend trapped in doors. Luckily this place we are in is equipped with board games and DVDs and internet.

Apparently there is a schnapps distillery up the road. And Thredbo has an indoor leisure centre. Oh, and there is some sort of country music/rock festival happening in Thredbo this weekend. We may not be climbing mountains but there are always options!!

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I'm suffering a little "internal cloudiness" myself this afternoon! Hope we both find blue skies soon! Cheers!


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