Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 155

Well I don't know if it was luck, divine timing or if the theory of rising above the clouds really works, but we managed to climb Mount Kosciusko yesterday rising above the cloud and mist and fog for a glorious vision of top of the world splendour.

Rather than kill the kids completely we decided to catch the chair lift from Thredbo to 1900 metres or so and then walked the remaining 6.5km to the 2228 metre summit. That was more than enough for poor little Darby, and if the truth be known it was more than enough for some of the adults as well. There was lots of encouragement coming from my mouth as Darby (and Derek) expressed their shock each time we went past a guide post telling us we still had a long way to go. By the last 2 very steep kilometres Darby was being piggybacked for short bursts just to let him know he had a safety net. But we made it! We made it to the top of Australia where we looked down on the mountains below us which were covered in cloud. We had risen above. It was very windy up there and very cold so it was a relatively short look-see before we started back down the mountain and towards our lunch.

And Darby skipped. He ran and he jumped and he skipped for much of the trip back because although it was just as far to get back, he had beat the demon and it was all down hill from here. We got within 10 minutes of the chairlift when the heavens opened up and we were pelted with rain and hail and arrived at the final descent absolutely saturated. The chairlift ride ensured there was not an inch of dryness on anyone. But don't fear! Mummy had packed dry clothes for all so a quick shedding in a random Thredbo carport had it all sorted.

So there you have it. We spent the day on top! Something else to tick off the experiences quadrant of life. Everest here we come ...


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