Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 159

Oh man, it is Day 159 of my 40th year already. I am starting to hyperventilate. I have such huge expectations and so much to have accomplished before I turn 41. The biggest of course is to have my children's books published. I had hoped I would have done that before I turned 40 but I left it all too late. I didn't actually write them in time and their ain't no success without action. And now here I am with four fabulous books sitting in in-trays in Publisher-ville and I have no idea where their little journeys are up to. It's so frustrating! No, no, no ... let's change that ... it's so fascinating!

Well, it is fascinating actually. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the road to getting published is a very fascinating adventure. You pour your heart and soul into a manuscript, you kiss it goodbye and send it off in it's own private jet (packed with return ticket in case they don't like it) and then you wait. There are no texts, or emails or letters or phone calls from your little friend to tell you it is ok. Nope. You just send your baby out there and hope that someone will take it in. And even though they tell you not to, you clone your baby and send it out to even more manuscript orphanages in the hope that someone, ANYONE, will take it in and nurture and love it as much as you do. You're placing all your eggs in someone else's basket in the hope your creation is so super they will want to turn it into a world wide success.

You see, that's the problem. My success is relying on someone else's opinion. Huh. Well that sucks. How do I influence them? Do I ring them or go and knock on their door or stalk them in the car park? And who are they anyway?? Who is this person who ultimately makes the decision. Is it an apprentice sitting at the in-tray deciding whether to flick or follow through? How does my baby make it past the initial envelope rip into the hands of the ultimate decision maker?

In all honesty I have had some very positive feedback to date. I even ALMOST got published late last year but dropped off the end of the 2010 print list. I have a few cloned babies which were returned to me via their return ticket, but many of them had words of encouragement saying they loved it but just didn't have the capacity to print in the genre in which I am writing. Bugger. That's positive psychology for you. Too modern and touchy feely ...

I really need to sit down and raise my little antennas on my head to get some energy signals out to these publishing people. Rather than stalk them physically I could try and "encourage" them in a law of attraction kind of way. I wonder if I sit on the roof if the signal will be stronger. Well, you never know I guess! I'll do that.

I think this is where belief comes in. So let me just go and grab my believe mug and pour myself a cuppa as I visualise and affirm and believe for an hour or so .... Do I believe in my books? Yes. Do I believe in myself as an author? Yes. Do I believe children will benefit from my writings? Yes. Do I believe I will be published this year? Yes.

Ok then. That settles it. Step (1) positive energy transfer via roof top antenna. Step (2) adding some whiskey to my cuppa. Step (3) a nice little follow up letter to publishers requesting a status report. Step (4) cross my fingers. Step (5) organise a lift to school for the kids on account of the whiskey ...

Let the stalking begin!


  1. You need a tinfoil hat while you're on the roof. It will magnify the vibes exponentially.

    But seriously, good luck and I hope you hear something very, very soon!

  2. Ooh good luck! I'd love to see your work. I too am trying to make my dream of becoming a children's book author a reality.

  3. Good luck with getting published! I look forward to hearing about how it all goes. I am sure it will happen soon! Fingers crossed! x


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