Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 161

I finally got off the roof for long enough to make some good use of my weekend. I had forgotten why I was up there anyway which may have had something to do with the aluminium foil wrapped around my head (Alzheimer's). Plus I had a corker of a headache. Again, the brain waves and tin foil may have contributed to that.

I dumped the hubby and kids yesterday for some time with friends on the other side of town. So while Derek took the kids for some indoor swimming, I started my Saturday with some Relay for Life track training with my boot campers, hung with a work colleague for some morning tea and then caught up with a girl I hadn't seen in 20 years for lunch. I made it home eventually (still with headache) for a nice afternoon nap and a BBQ dinner cooked by the wonderful Derek.

It's amazing how 20 years can disappear in the blink of an eye when you hang with people you haven't seen in that time. It's like nothing has changed. Everything that has happened in that time span can be summed up in a lunch period and the rest is just fluff.

You may recall that Facebook has seen me connecting with people who disappeared from my life the moment we all left school. I grew up in a large country town and although many people stayed to raise their kids in the same environment in which they grew up in, many of us left to pursue lives on the outside. With the wonders of techology we are all reconnecting from across Australia (and the globe) for a peek into each others photo albums and a look at where we've all ended up.

Anyway, I have now been catching up with people who I thought had exited my life forever. The luncheon yesterday was wonderful - so relaxed and peaceful. We slipped back into each others lives like putting on an old slipper. No, better than an old slipper ... more like a nice warm comfy Ugg boot. We didn't discuss why we broke the friendship band to begin with ... it didn't seem relevant ... but I think (if my Alzheimer brain is correct) it may have had something to do with a boy. A boy who's name and face I don't recall. But I guess it was a big deal at the time.

So as I sit here drinking my lovely warm cuppa from my "We'll Always Have Santa Fe" mug, with my uggies on, kids playing in the background, husband pottering about, looking around me at my comfortable abode, and thinking half heartedly about getting back on the roof, I reflect on being 40 and the comfort it brings when everything petty disappears and nothing but soul emerges. There's a point in your life where you really do stop sweating the small stuff and although some may call it maturity I tend to think of it as complete self awareness and confidence. There's a point when you reach that peaceful confidence and you know that deep fried fruit is the preferred place to be. While you might pursue the physical aspects of youth, you wouldn't change the mindset for anything in the world. You see how I cleverly emphasised the mindset there? That gives me a little bit of flexibility to still moan about the phyiscal aspects of turing 40. The pesky chin hair still has to go ... and I will continue to keep tuck shop arms at bay ... and I am still growing my hair to cover the neck curtains ... but I am embracing my 40 year old mind completely and whole-heartedly!! When I can remember where I have put it ...

I will continue to catch up with people who were once very real in my world and I will continue to pursue those who haven't entered my life yet (that is the cue for Publisher to call). And as I leave you with these thoughts I am off to climb that ladder again ... (might ditch the tin hat though).

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  1. Good to hear you're not planning to let yourself go completely :P

    I can't wait for the day I reach that point, but in the meantime I still tend to prioritise the physical over the mental. Sad but true.


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