Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 163

It has been thirteen months since I started the campaign to fitness by signing up for my first boot camp. I had to be fit and tuckshop-armless by the time I was 40 and I managed to achieve that little goal. And here I still am at 5.00am getting up as my "pet" possums are going to bed, for another round of physical torture. I am too scared to stop. Without boot camp I become a light-weight in the fitness department. I need those whips and screams to get me running.

Yesterday at cheerleading I had a cheer mum approach me and tell me how toned I looked. Big smile from me and a mental note to make a bigger effort to remember her name. Then after cheerleading practice I had to pick Darby up from a playdate and got the same comment from his friends Mum. Another big smile from me and a mental note to invite her to dinner.

As I sit here eating my preparatory banana (just call me "Postassium Girl"!) I reflect on what it was like before I found fitness. Well, for a start, I would sweat and be huffing and puffing out the front of my cheer squad while they were still in warm up phase. And as I tried to teach them the cheer motions my arms would get tired and I would have to drop them by my side before we'd finished the first phase. Taking the kids for a bike ride meant having to get off the bike and push it up hills and playing catch up as they barrelled along ahead of me. Running was a foreign concept and I would be having an asthma attack within 100 metres (and I don't actually suffer asthma). Going for a walk meant putting on slightly lower heels than usual and going shopping. I didn't actually own sneakers! Oh, yes I did. BUT they were the same sneakers I had had for about 6 years and weren't actually chosen for the shape of my foot but for the colours they came in. I think they were from a Reebok outlet during a USA trip ....

So I've come a long way baby. There are times when I wish I could stop because it is just plain exhausting and expensive and painful. But then I get comments on my physical appearance that cement it into my brain that fitness is good and healthy and necessary for keeping deep fried fruit firm and tight and compact.

So it is with that philosophy that I head to my dawn exercise group as we run amongst the bats (and I mean actual flying halloween style bats, not deep fried fruit older than me) and I sign on the dotted line (complete with waiver) for another 8 week boot camp committment.

If I survive (which mid exercise I think I won't ... but then miracles happen and I actually do) I will tell you all about it.

A couple of hours later:

After I signed off I ventured outside to say hi to the possums and to tell them to go to bed. No, I didn't attempt to feed them apple - although I thought about it - for a nano-second. Then I hit the dark streets for the 15 minute drive to boot camp. Much of our session was done in the dark. The bats were noisy and doing lots of flying above but didn't bother us too much. I survived the bats and the exercise. We did beep testing this morning, as well as some fitness testing (push ups, sit ups and plank), then it was hill sprints inter-twined with travelling lunges, push-ups, burpies and squats. As the sun started to rise the bats still left us alone as they headed to bed, although we did attract a couple of black swans who started displaying the length of their wing span in a slightly threatening manner. We just left them to it and ran around them as they attacked the worms we were waking up due to thunderous runs on the wet grassy hill. Another boot camp session ticked off and another day started with energy and purpose! Time to make the lunches and get the family on their way ...

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!


  1. I echo every single sentiment as I sit here at 5am skulling coffee before I hit the 6am session myself......

  2. Nice work Lucy! A girl after my own heart (albeit a heart pumping at a very fast pace ...) It's definitely worth the effort.

  3. Your motivation is inspiring! I can't wait to get back to the gym and I find the 6:15am classes are such a great way to start the day. Only seven weeks before I can go back - yay!

  4. Good job Kelly! I am pumped for the whole day after boot camp (although I get a bit droopy come late arvo)

  5. Good work, Leanne.

    I'm a crack of dawn exerciser out of necessity and know the feeling.

    I love your blog, congrats on the blog this award. I am now officially a follower.


    SSG xxx


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