Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 165

You don't always get what you want, but you usually get what you need. Take Tuesday for example. Amongst other things (which included Darby's painful haircut and Mum and I starting to make Tahlia's callisthenics costume) I was re-doing my husband's resume so that everthing was in place for some "head-hunters" who were interested in his skills. As I was updating it I was trying to recall the awards he had won and in the process I went in search of one of his plaques (some excellence award). My first port of call was THE SHELF. THE SHELF is the very disorganised and visually disasterous shelf in my linen cupboard which is home to old greeting cards, photos, albums, newspaper clippings and awards. All things sentimental I guess or which assists us to conjur up old memories. I have been avoiding THE SHELF for about 8 years now. For a couple of reasons - (1) since the digital camera age I have had little need to dive in there for storage or photo album transferal and (2) there quite simply isn't any room for anything else let alone putting one's hand in there for a ferret about. So it was with trepardation that I approached THE SHELF to find Derek's award.

Let me just tell you that I didn't have time for reorganising THE SHELF on Tuesday. I was multi-tasking as it was going between Tahlia's costume, Darby's haircut, Derek's resume, my own personal cheerleading and work to-do list and I had a networking event to get ready for. But the moment I removed one set of albums from THE SHELF the avalanche occurred and within five minutes most of what was housed there was now on my floor. Bugger. The even bigger bugger was that the award wasn't part of the avalanche. I realised as all was falling to the floor that I had seen it somewhere else recently ... yep ... it wasn't in here at all ... it was actually on the book shelf acting as a book end.

So I got what I needed, ignored the earthquake at the end of my hallway, and returned to the resume. It wasn't until after Mum had gone home and Darby was at tennis lessons that I returned to the rubble in a head scratching manner to plan my attack. I had 40 minutes before I was being collected for the women's business event and I was still wearing my house clothes. That gave me around 20 minutes to attack the pile.

So I grabbed and stacked and lined up the albums and I scrunched and screwed and turfed the rubbish, and I ferreted and furrowed and coralled loose photos and I shuffled and flipped and piled the greeting cards and (this is the biggy) in amongst it all I discovered a set of drawings I had done years ago for the children's book I may one day write. Can you believe it?! I had forgotten about those pictures and as I looked at them I realised they were actually very creative. I have been thinking half heartedly about illustrating my own books but given my lack of artistic talent I have knocked that idea on the head. But here they were - the proof was here - I can actually draw (in a very children's book manner) and these drawings may actually work within my current writings!!!

Huh! You see. While I was swearing and sweating and cringing through the whole THE SHELF episode I wasn't getting what I had wanted out of the last 20 minutes of my day, but I was definitely getting what I needed. THE SHELF is still a disaster because seriously, how can someone make decisions on how to cleanse memories? Which memories stay and which go? That is a challenge for another day. But at least now it is a nicely organised and somewhat neater THE SHELF. And I have some colourful sunny pictures to act as inspiration for my continued journey to authordom.

Oh, and I did manage to get hair and makeup and an outfit together in 20 minutes so that I was ready for collection at said time. The networking event went off without a hitch, in large part because I was in a very sunny and positive frame of mind.

The day wasn't the day I had originally planned it to be but it gave me something I needed ...

PS The calo costume is coming together nicely too (thanks Mum)

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