Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 168

What's the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing? Buggered if I know. I ended up borrowing a carpet steam cleaner from my Auntie yesterday and spent the day tackling the family room. The carpets are looking quite fresh and somewhat clean however the dog stains are still noticeable (from my eyes). I am wondering where the dirt goes with a steam cleaner ... it just kinda makes your carpet all hot and damp, but there's no sign of sucking, absorbing or removing of crud. After a few hours of cleaning I finally asked someone who suggested that steam cleaning was for deodorising and killing bacteria etc. If I wanted to really clean away stains I'd be better off with a shampooer because they wash and remove the dirt. F*&% it. So now I'm off to Woollies to pick up a shampooer. I don't suppose yesterday was a totally wasted exercise. At least I know I probably killed the gnats, dust mites, bacteria and any other microscopic animal. These are going to be the cleanest, freshest, tastiest, bacteria free carpets in the history of shag (again, they're not shag, it just sounds good).

As I sit here drinking from my sunny days cup and look at my handy work something quite obvious is coming to light. The cleaner my carpet is getting the dirtier my walls and lounges are looking. And when I really look at my family room with fresh steam cleaned eyes it is starting to look a bit ... old. Hmmm. Maybe if I rearrange the furniture it might give it a little lift. I think I need a new throw for the main lounge. Oh dear, and the cedar blinds could do with an oil. Oh crap!!! Look at the walls again ... I need to paint. Shit. As my eye leaves the family room and roams towards the kitchen I can see that a lick of paint is the minimum requirement. My kitchen is a bit ratty. Look at that oven! Need a new oven ... and the dishwasher still hasn't been fixed ... need a new dishwasher. Oh dear look at the cupboards ... very 90s. Need new cupboards ... and now that I think of it ... perhaps shampooing and steam cleaning isn't really what is required here in the family room ... I think I'd be better off with new carpet. And look at the back deck!! It's all faded, and warped and looking a bit splintery. Need a new back deck ....

I have just rennovated the house and all because a dog pee'd on my carpet. Bloody Millie. I guestimate she's just cost me around $50,000.

I'm off to get the carpet shampooer (again) and a lotto ticket ...


  1. I feel your pain. We recently ripped up the two-year-old carpet in our house and had the floorboards polished.

    Now we're in the process of repainting, yep just two years after we painted the entire house.


  2. Isn't amazing how one job breeds several more? How does that happen, anyway? Good luck on the lottery!!


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