Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 169

I left you yesterday heading off to pay for the carpet thingimo and a Lotto ticket. All because of a single white fluffy female.

I didn't end up getting the ticket. Up until yesterday I had actually been walking around with a Lotto ticket purchased 6 weeks ago knowing that I'd won. I didn't know for certain - I hadn't seen the draw and had no clue of the numbers - I had just decided it was my time to win and believed it to be so. The power of positive thinking is a wonderful thing! Take last week for example - I attended a women in business event and decided I really wanted to win the lucky door prize which was a book about success training, so I visualised my name being drawn with absolute certainty and BINGO! In my spare time I am now reading a compilation of papers by success trainers of the world. So it was with the same visualisation gusto that I knew I was walking around with a winning Lotto ticket. I hadn't visualised winning the main prize, mind you, just $350,000. I thought that might be enough to take some pressure off the finances. The only reason I hadn't cashed the ticket in yet was because I had to ensure I had enough time to get to the newsagent and be able to hang for an hour or so as the bells and whistles went off and the shop shut down to register and administer my prize. So it was more about time management than anything else. Plus I needed to be looking my best for when the news crew arrived to take my picture. So yesterday was the day to claim my prize. I had the time and I had been practicing my winners smile.

You can imagine my shock when the ticket registered a big fat zero. I asked them to check it again because clearly the machine was broken. Nope. Machine not broken - just my ability to materialise my mentalising. Bugger. So no rennovating for us right now ... I'll have to be happy with clean carpets instead. And a husband who muscled up to take over the task for me. Yep. As the kids and I spent the day on the farm - they were horse riding while Mum and I continued to scratch our heads over the calisthenics costume project (an absolute nightmare of a freakin task) - Derek was home making friends with The Rug Doctor.

The end result was lovely carpets, freshly shampooed couch and stain free rugs. Thanks Derek!

Did you notice I used the word "was" there instead of "is". It lasted all of about 5 hours. I got up for a drink of water last night to discover Millie had re-marked her territory. The little bitch! And I mean that in the swearing "I hate you" sense, not the "a bitch is a female dog" definition. She had bloody piddled on the carpet again. I now know this is not about bladder control. Nope. We had left the back door open for her. This was about control control. The fluffy cow is taking me on!!

Right back at ya girlfriend. I'll take on that challenge. You'd better bring your best game because it's a tough broad that tries to out-control the control freak. I might be the one dragging the carpet shampooer around the family room AGAIN, but the single white fluffy female is the one sleeping under the stars with the bats, gnats and possums.


  1. No. No no no. I cannot believe how calm you are about it.....!

  2. Have you considered getting tiles and a big hose? I would have throttled her.


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