Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 170

As I fumbled and bumbled with the alarm at 5.00am I wondered if, in the world of deep fried fruitnom, getting quality sleep actually outweighs the benefits of boot camp?

I usually wake up naturally before the alarm but today it pierced through the heavy blanket of sleep to grab me by the collar and hurl me across the bedroom in the aforementioned stumbly bumbly manner. I was a bit disorientated and confused I have to say. Why, when I have finally slept for about 4 hours in a row without interruption am I being so rudely awakened? Oh yeah, it's Tuesday. I've traded horizontal bliss for the vertical world of hill sprints, stair runs, duck shit and bats. In the whole deep fried fruit conundrum, does exercise out-health sleep, or does sleep out-health exercise? Should I be crawling back under the doona for my Z's?

Sigh. Alright I'm going, I'm going. Got my banana in hand and shoes on my feet. Let's get this freakin show on the freakin road ....

A few hours later:
Today we had beep test sprints followed by 1km runs followed by kick boxing followed by beep test sprints, 1km runs, kick boxing ....

I have deep fried knees, a deep fried shoulder, deep fried neck and a deep fried headache. The knees are due to deep fried exercise but the rest is fibromyalgia pain.

I'm giving myself a deep fried sickie ...

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  1. Have a very deep fried rest. Hope you are feeling better soon. xx


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