Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 171

I have fine hair. Enough said.

On the plus side, I apparently have a lot of it. Bonus. But it still gets frizzy and fly away and crimpy. And it still takes some major styling on a daily basis. That is why I have always kept length so that on my off days I can do the ponytail.

In the lead up to the big 40 I made a decision to shorten the length of my hair. It wasn't a conscious "I'm hitting middle age, must cut locks" but more a gradual sub-conscious thing and before I knew it my once long hair was now up above my shoulders in a flicky flicky layered fashion. I loved it! For a while. And then I noticed the perils of deep fried fruit and realised that a veil would be nice to cover up a few imperfections. Take my neck curtains for example. They are much more obvious when exposed ... longer hair would have covered them nicely. Let's also think about my temple sparklies. The grey that grows around my temple region is kind of hidden when the hair is hanging long so you don't have to dye quite as much. And what about those bad hair days ... with long hair you can just wave your magic wand (ie your hair brush) and there is an instant pony tail to catch the frizz and wayward strands.

Right now I am half way in between the flicky flicky and the original Rachel. No. Who am I kidding. I WISH I was half way in between. I am in fact only just past flicky flicky in the infancy of growing out my layers. My hair sits around half way between my chin and my shoulders. It makes my head look like a bowling ball (longer hair definitely thins out my face and gives it more heart shaped qualities). It also perfectly frames my chin to show off that pesky black beard that continues to haunt me. And I have no idea how to style it (my hair, not the beard). On Monday I dug deep into my deep fried tool box and came out with my velcro rollers!! Woot woot. I gave that a whirl but ended up looking like Mother Goose. Yesterday I pulled out my straightner and all was well except that with straight hair in the growing out phase it kinda looked a bit scanky. (Don't you love that word? Scanky. I hope to use it again today ...) Today I went with the combo meal deal and did the top half of my hair with the big mumma jumba velcros and the bottom half with the straightner. Hmmmm. It's ok but the end result has been to pull it all back off my face into a silly clippy thing.

I have made a decision to keep my hair pulled back until I get past this awkward length. And I have also decided I must find a shampoo that magically grows my hair at a greater rate. Does such a thing exist? And finally I have decided to buy a few hats for the really bad hair days. With all that deciding I may also save a few valuable minutes each morning in the bathroom.

I have fine hair. Enough said.


  1. Folate makes your hair grow faster, I swear. And you cannot OD on it.....'tis a water soluable nutrient.

  2. I don't know if this will make you feel better or not, but I have thick hair, and I'm experiencing EXACTLY the same hair styling problems as you!

    Good luck to us both!!

  3. Ahh...God says the beauty of men is the grey hair. Don't think He says much about a female turning grey. Just set back and enjoy letting God age you and your husband loving you for it.

    I'm your new follower.


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