Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 173

I never did get back to you yesterday. On the way home from boot camp I got the call to do some relief work at one of the local schools so it was a bit of a crazy day in the end. But that seems to be the story of my life right now.

In amongst all of my activities I am creating a time management technique to assist people balance the many roles in which they live their lives. Let's look at me for example - my primary roles are that of mother, wife, household manager, business owner and cheer leading coach, then my secondary roles are extended family member, friend, community member and relief teachers aide. How does someone manage such a workload without becoming skitzo (literally)? We all have to wear different hats (especially me with the fine hair and far too many bad hair days). And just like a movie set, you can't have the one actor playing two parts at the same time. There has to be a series of costume changes, character readjustment and lots of editing for a one actor movie to work. And a bloody good director.

So how can I direct myself (and others) in the perfect life movie where we are the star of the show playing so many different parts? Well, that my dear friends is the technique I am perfecting. I figure if Eddy Murphy can pull it off in the Nutty Professor, then I can pull it off in the Nutty Success Trainer. Daily scheduling and compartmentalisation are key to this technique with a weird sort of matrix thingimo going on over the top to pull it all together.

Time to ponder ... stare into space, rest my chin on my hands and tap my two index fingers together. Hmmmm. The formula is becoming clearer as I conjur up my inner nutty professor. Hmmmm. My right eye is starting to squint and my lips are pursing in a very thoughtful manner. I am nodding. The formula is becoming clearer. I think I might just have it. I am a genious!!!!

It all sounds a bit complicated and quite fandangle but I reckon this is going to work!! Now the irony of the whole thing is that in order to create, perfect and document my new time management technique I need to find the time to manage it. Hmmm.

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