Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 174

I have just returned from my session of Relay for Life. Instead of my normal 5.00am wake up call I got one at 2.30 this morning. Why? Because I managed to pull the dawn shift out of the proverbial hat. So by 3.30 I was hanging at the Australian Institute of Sport with my peeps ready to start belting out a few 400 metre laps.

For those of you who aren't aware of the Relay for Life event, it is run by the Cancer Council as a fundraiser, but also to get the community together to support those fighting cancer and to remember those who are lost to the disease. So it's a good cause. As the title suggests this is a relay. So what teams need to do is continually walk, jog or run around the 400 metre track for 24 hours. A baton is carried that is passed between team members as the next person takes their turn. Some crews do this continually for 24 hours with the same group of people while others (like my boot camp crew) have 6 people per session running it out for 2 hours until the next 6 people arrive to take over. The aim of the boot campers is two fold - to raise money for a great cause, and to get a team PB for most laps accomplished during the 24 hour session.

Today's run was such a great yard stick to measure how far I have come in a year. This time last year I was new to the whole exercise caper. I had never run more than 100 metres in my life (and that was probably in high heels across a parking lot because I was late for a meeting or school pick-up or something). This time last year I was only about 6 weeks into my first ever boot camp and I had been strongly encouraged to participate in the Relay for Life event as part of the boot camp team. It was a challenge. Geez. It may as well have been a marathon. I was slightly fitter than I had been, but still not overly fit, and running any distance was still a foreign concept. Yes, last year I counted 400 metres as a long distance run. Oh what a difference a year makes. Plus I had an injury - due to aforementioned high heels. Apparently after extensive calf exercises you shouldn't wear stiletto boots for 12 hours straight. My gastrocnemius muscle had kind of shrunk and seized up and were now extremely painful. I could hardly walk let alone run. But somehow after warming up I still managed to belt out a few laps to make my presence felt in the Relay and I was very very proud about getting around the track in 2 minutes 20 seconds (my fastest lap).

This year was a whole different ball game. I ran my laps easily, with hardly a sweat (which could have more to do with the coolness of the pre-dawn air than my fitness) and my best lap was 1 minute 37 seconds, with my slowest lap (to recover from the crazy vomit inducing 1.37 minute sprint) was 1 minute 57 seconds. Wooo hooooooo!!!! As I said, this event has been a great way to gage my fitness. I might mumble and grumble a lot at 5.00am when it is boot camp time but the rewards are obvious.

If you can manage it, I highly recommend this fitness caper for deep fried fruit. It's definitely helping me to look and feel riper than I have in years! Plus every now and then you get to use your fitness for the greater good ...


  1. Oh goodness goddess I love your blog, I love you did Relay for Life I love that you did a great time......well done!

  2. Lucy - I love you! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. L


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