Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 179

My husband is not only a Labrador but a very restless one. Every morning I have to completely strip the bed and start the bed making process from scratch. I find it all very fascinating how the quilt can end up upside down, the top sheet can end up out of the bed completely in a crumpled heap on the floor and the pillow can be found midway down the mattress. And before you start having visions of wild sex and chandelier swinging, this is not the after effects of date night. Oh no. This is just when he is sleeping. Given he is a Labrador, perhaps he does that circle sniff ritual to get himself settled. That game dogs like to play where they go around in circles before finally settling down for their nap which at first glance appears canine specific, but if you were to see the state of my bedroom each day then perhaps it is also applicable to the human dog as well.

I on the other hand am a very neat sleeper. If I am in the bed alone all I need to do when I awake is pull up the blankets and the bed is perfect. Just a quick flick of the hand and the job is done. Yes, just a tad anal.

What attracts a straight sleeper to someone who partakes in a dream disco? If two straight sleepers were to marry would their life resemble harmony and complete synchronicity or would they in fact miss the opportunity to dance occasionally? And if two dreaming disco ducks were to merge as one, would chaos ensue as one tangos while the other foxtrots, or would they too live in harmony and synchronicity?

How much do our sleep activities reflect our personalities?

And why, when I am the straight sleeper, am I the one who has to always make the bed? Simple - because I am the straight sleeper and a straight sleeper wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. OH Leanne just so you know dogs walk in a circle prior to lying down to crush the imaginary grass that their ancestors had to contend with, cool huh??


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