Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 182

The Easter Bunny stole my hour!! The time gods finally coughed up a bonus round in a world that is usually time poor, and a furry rabbit stole it. The only good thing about losing daylight saving is the extra hour you get to sleep, and the freakin' Easter Bunny stole it! The pitter patter of kiddie feet could be heard long before the birds and the excited squeals of a sugar high meant no more rest for the wicked.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're probably thinking that I shouldn't be complaining now that I've had two nights of copious amounts of shut-eye, but guess what ... I've had two nights of copious amounts of shut-eye!! That means I want more. Now is not the time to be stealing it from me.

It's enough that I have to go back to sharing a bed (we are now at the coast where our room has a double .... a double I tell you ... not a queen, not a king, but a double!) but now the Easter Bunny had to go and steal my extra hour. Sigh.

Luckily the day is full of chocolate to get my endorphins flowing. Oh, and we are at the coast so the sun, surf and sand should also bring a smile to my dial. Maybe the Easter Bunny figured my free hour would be better spent living. He could have a point I suppose ...

Nope - I maintain the notion that the Easter Bunny stole my hour. The bastard.


  1. The bloody bunny pinched my hour too. An another hour gets stolen because I have to go aroudn the house in swamp of confusion trying to figure out how to change all the clocks properly......microwave clock, oven clock, car clock.....arrrrgg.

  2. We're onto that swindling bunny here in the US, hence we set our clocks ahead weeks ago.

  3. I lurve Queensland! And having two older boys who slept in (the oldest until nearly 10am).

    I want to send every politician a child with autism for the changover to daylight saving week. Bet it would be abolished quick smart.

    Happy Easter!

  4. I love daylight saving, but it goes for at least a month too long. A vomiting child stole more than an hour from us last night, the Easter Bunny was the least of our problems. Grrr!

  5. I love daylight saving too. I also love my sleep. That fact that both were stolen have left me a little edgey ... Loved all your comments!


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