Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 183

You see what day it is? Besides Monday ... it's Day 183. You know what that means? I have dived over the half way point in my 365 day quest to blog my 40th year. Like most things the year is going terribly fast ... but then again ... it is also going very slow. Yes, I am the master of contradictions, but I have to say that blogging daily has in some ways slowed the year down as I can actually see just how much I fit into each and every day, week, month. Perhaps there is something in that. Perhaps diarising - particularly if you diarise in a celebratory way - you can slow down time as you ponder with wonder, vim and vigour about the day that was. I know I am not always particularly celebratory in my writing style ... but it is somewhat pleasing to always be taking on challenges head on and conquering them. Even the tweezering of those pesky black chin hairs creates reason to celebrate. And blogging about it seems to double the victory. Quadruple it in fact. I highly recommend this blogging stuff. And if you can't blog or don't want it to be public property then grab a journal. The key is writing about stuff you are happy to re-read. Keep the dippy downer stuff to a minimum because who wants to keep reliving the dippy downers. Yep, the key is to find the opportunity in every challenge, the sun behind the clouds, the smile amongst the frowns and the funny side of growing a female beard. That said, I am off to get the tweezers. It's weird how at 40 I am bald and hairy at the same time. I pluck my chin and draw on my eyebrows ... fascinating ...


  1. Leanne, can I tell you how much I LOVE reading you in the mornings with my coffee? Thank you. (And thank goddess I am not the only one who keeps tweezers very handy at all times.)

  2. LOL! Thanks Lucy. Being hairy is a new phenomenom for me - so pleased I am not alone. And I am glad I am part of your coffee experience. Cheers!


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