Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 184

As I was sitting at my in-laws over the Easter weekend, on their back deck (one of three back decks I might add – the house of decks) overlooking the houses at the foot of the cliff below and at the ocean through the trees only a block away, I got a sudden feeling of excitement. They have a little two seater table and chairs right at the cliff edge (there is a fence to stop my fall) which I sit at and drink tea and where I wrote one of my children’s books. It seems it may actually be my thinking chair. In true Blue’s Clue’s style it is the chair in which I ponder and think and create. No scratch that, it is not my thinking chair, but the chair of creativity. The excitement I was feeling was an urge bubbling just below the surface to write another book. As I sat reading Marian Keyes I suddenly realised that reading someone else’s work just wouldn’t cut it today. I had to write my own. It was time for another masterpiece. I started to breathe quite heavily and the fluttering in my chest was quite overwhelming. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do with the feeling … I had no inspiration as such … I didn’t have my notes or my book outlines with me … I was running blind … but the feeling had me reeling in anticipation. I was very excited. Blind excitement is what it was. Fluttery blind excitement ….

That’s when I saw it … very clearly … there was a bulldog in a tree! Right there in front of me a gum tree from the backyard below was taunting me with a one eyed bull dog etched clearly into the trunk. You think I’m quite mad don’t you? The tree trunk was full of nubbles and holes and they formed the perfect bulldog head. Yes, I have a vivid imagination, but the bulldog was so incredibly clear it started to tease me with his winking eye and slobbery mouth (yes, he was a true bulldog, slobber and all). It was very distracting. I called for the family … again in a very fluttery excited sort of way … and asked them if they too could see a bulldog. Yep, there was a bulldog alright. They weren’t nearly as excited though. They looked at me kind of weird. Not because I had found a bulldog in a tree, but because I was so crazy excited about the prospect of finding it. They didn’t know that the excitement was actually far more random that a bulldog in a tree … it was completely unfounded because I didn’t know what it was I was actually excited about. The chair of creativity had just zapped me with writers energy and I was supposed to do something with it. But what?

As I sat there in my chair of creativity the bulldog kept talking to me and generally interrupting my thoughts. So I went back to Marian Keyes and tried to quell the flutters. But the truth is there … bulldog or no bulldog … my need to write, my need to create, my need to be published is so big, so real, so NEEDED that I may just explode.

As I sat there on top of the cliff, looking at the ocean, (trying to avoid the bulldog) and sip on my tea, with Marian in my hands, I decided this week was it. This was the week to take some action. It’s time to get this show on the road!!

Ok, so now that that is settled, what action is it I should be taking? Is it my kids books or is there a new project on the horizon? Do you think if I were to publish my blog in book form, anyone would read it?

Hmmm … just a thought ….


  1. How many childrens books have you written? Did you illustrate them also or are they tween novels? Good luck with the excitement flutter (I love those!) I hope you work out soon what it will lead to :)

  2. Hi Jen! I have written four kids books which are aimed at 5-10 year olds but kind of surpass age (if that makes sense). They are in the positive psychology genre. I have made great in-roads with them but still remain unpublished. Bugger. Only a matter of time though, only a matter of time. I am fortunate enough to have some parents of profile involved in the project - eg Johanna Griggs and Antonia Kidman have both written a foreword each for two of the books. Yay!! I have an illustrator lined up but most publishers have their own illustrators on their books so am waiting to see what publishers expectations are before I get my illustrations done. Have had some views on doing it myself but to be honest I'm just not that great an artist so would prefer they are done properly. Thanks for your interest! You can go to www.LeanneSheaLangdown.com to find out more. Ciao for now!

  3. How exciting, best of luck with the books already written and the one that is bubbling in her head. When I first read bulldog I actually read bullfrog - after all that is what you would find in a tree. Then I read bulldog and thought - what? But suddenly I could see it right there, so I hope you work out what he was telling you.

  4. LOL. Actually, as I typed bulldog I kept having to correct it as I was writing bulldong. But it was definitely a bulldog in the tree. And yes, he was telling me something ... and given the Rabbitoes won the game last night it wasn't about my footy tipping! If only I could work out what it was. I am off to research publishers with "dog" in the title ...

  5. hey one of my dearest friends :)
    I am telling you now that if you published your blog in book form it would be a HIT!!!!!
    I read it every day without fail and every day it starts my day off with a smile. I have recommended it to so many of my friends.
    I was going to wish you luck in the publishing world but i know i don't need to because in my eyes and i'm sure in alot of other readers eyes you are already a success. you go girl!

  6. You just made my day!! thank you my friend. My day just started with the biggest smile ... hugs to you Niss


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