Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 185

My knees are still screwed. I have still not gone to boot camp. This is my second week of no exercise. Shit that scares me. I have about a kilo of Easter chocolate to burn off. I need to go to boot camp. I need to sweat and run and squat and lunge. I need to feel like I am going to vomit with exertion. I need something to complain about! (Something else to complain about I mean … other than beards and lack of publishing …)

What is wrong with my knees? Could it really be age related? That sucks. It seriously sucks. I feel like an old crippled woman. I’m the one that can’t get up and down the stairs freely. I am the one that everyone is standing behind patiently as I make my way to the summit. I am the one who is cursing and ouching and ahhing every time I sit down. I’m that person. Shit.

Last night I thought it would be good to go swimming. Isn’t water exercise suppose to be nice a gentle and stuff? Isn’t that why people in rehabilitation walk in swimming pools and stuff? Well I slipped into the shallow end of our local indoor 50 metre and breast stroked slowly to the deep end. My knee felt pretty good so I thought I could freestyle it back down. I took a hefty push off the wall and started to kick and OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Agony. I couldn’t tread water. Hurt. Was stuck in deep end with swimmers around me lining up. Ok, suck it up Princess, don’t hold up the queue. So I started again. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Shit. Breast stroke. Nope. Too late for that … hurting. Stranded in middle lane. Tears in eyes. So I had to kind of side stroke and pull myself along the ropes to the end where my kids and husband were waiting for me. Then I burst into angry frustrated and pained tears. Shit.

Usually I’m the one who, during hill sprints, chants to my self “I’m so grateful I’ve got legs, I’m so grateful I’ve got legs, I’m so grateful I’ve got legs” to overcome the agony and pain and fatigue of the exercise. The good kind of pain. The positive pain. But what’s the point in having legs without knees? Actually, it may be better to be without knees than to have painful ones. Hang on a minute! What if I need knee surgery … or knee reconstruction … or titanium knees!! Oh no. Oh no no no no no. That won’t do. Nope. (Don’t go talking to Dr Google- he freaks you out). Must get knees repaired naturally. Must rub lots of soothing gels and do ice pack thingies and gentle knee exercises. Must go and see a physio pronto! Yes, must …..

A few hours later:

So it turns out I don't need a titanium knee or crutches or calipers ... the bandy thing that runs down my outer quads is just really tight from Relay for Life running and that is pulling my knee out of whack! It is apparently making my knee irritable. I have irritable knees! They can join the rest of me ...

This little irritation is something that elite runners and bike riders get. So there you have it ... I am up there with the elites!! Woot wooot. Turns out the rest of me is in tip top shape and muscles are nice and firm and in good working order. Just the pesky elastic band thingimos.

So I have rubbing, exercise and ice to do. And no boot camp for a few weeks. No more chocolate either unless I want to return to boot camp as a heffer.

Oh, and I decided to check out "Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay to see what she says about knees. Very interesting! Leg problems often signify a fear of moving forward, or in going forward in a certain direction. Knees are associated with flexibility and it is suggested equates to stubborn ego and pride. Hmph. Might have a point. My mantra is "I bend and flow with ease, all is well".


  1. Try the glucosamine, it helped me. Hope they are better sooon.

  2. Well, shoot, that sucks! Hope you feel better soon! My knees give me trouble from time to time. My doctor swears to me there's nothing better for them than Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE!). Hope that helps! Heal quickly!

  3. Nothing worse than dodgy knees - i happen to have 2 that are full of arthritis and bone spurs. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Water walking (not swimming) may help, it has strengthened up my muscles around my knees. xxx


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