Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 188

Now that I have you all sitting on the edge of your seats which is exactly where I want you ... right there with me ... you need to learn the art of patient persistence. Sorry about that, but that is the game that is publishing. You send off your submission with covering letter, CV, bio, a synopsis and your manuscript(s) and then you wait. And you wait, and you wait and you wait.

So while you wait, how about I tell you seven things about myself that up until this point I have kept secret.

I'll start right back at the beginning and work my way up the age ladder.

Fact (1) - before conception: My Mum and Dad met in a telephone exchange in Cooma. Dad worked for the Post Master General's Office as a Telecom technician, while Mum was on the exchange answering the phones "Number please" and then plugging in the black chord to connect. Mum was stood up on their first date because Dad fell asleep on the lounge. He has been falling asleep on lounges ever since.

Fact (2) - as a baby: When I was around 18 months old I suffered 3rd degree burns to parts of my body. Apparently I poured a teapot of boiling water over myself. We had been staying in a motel when the hotel staff brought breakfast into the room and left it on the coffee table. Mum was in the bathroom at the time. I have scars on my arm and neck and am forever grateful that my chest and face are scar-free. Someone once asked me if I would ever have the scars removed. No. They are part of the road map that is me.

Fact (3) - as a child: I did ballet as a child, and unlike my fabulously flexible and talented daughter, I wasn't very coordinated. My muscles were always in conflict as ballet asked them to turn out and pony club insisted they turn in. Horsing won out in the end and I competed in pony club, shows and gymkhanas until I was 18. I had a really bad fall when I was 17 - the horse (a thoroughbred) reared up and went over backwards landing on me putting me in hospital for a week.

Fact (4) - As a teenager: When I was 15 I started going out with a heavy metal listening, mullet headed, hotted up Kingswood driving, black wearing 18 year old. Our dates consisted of doing laps up and down the main street. His car had velvet lining and a souped up engine thingo that stuck out through the bonnet of the car. It had mags. It had mufflers. It was loud. He was the sweetest most gentlemanly person I have ever had the pleasure to go out with. I broke it off with him because I had other priorities in my life.

Fact (5) - As a teenager - the other priorities: My Mum had Acute Myloid Leukemia and was not expected to live. She was diagnosed when I was 14. I will never forget the day I was called to the office at school. Dad was standing there, his face the colour of ash. We had to go to the hospital. She was given only weeks to live without treatment, or at best 2 years with chemo. She made a decision that she was going to fight. She is still alive today.

Fact (6) - As an adolescent: My university years were the best years and worst years of my life. It was a learning experience I wouldn't want my daughter to go through, but feel that she has to at the same time. It was a terribly confronting time made even more so by living on uni campus. There were wild oats to sew. Forget the degree - that was just a bonus. I made my best friends at uni and they are still with me (even from a distance) today. Friendships were born that cut into our souls. We grew together in both challenge and opportunity. We can't NOT be friends - we know too much about each other. There are far too many secrets to spill ...

Fact (7) - As an adult: On my wedding day I froze outside the church and couldn't go in. The limo had to drive around the block again. I was glued to the seat. I couldn't do it. Stage fright. Absolute and complete stage fright. I eventually made it down the aisle and proceeded to get very drunk at my own wedding. It was filthy but a wedding to remember none-the-less. I have never watched the wedding video because (a) it is around 5 hours long (it was shot by an amateur) and (b) because I don't want to witness the pissed me.

So there you have it. Seven things you didn't know about me!

Hope that fills in your time while we all wait patiently (in the ommmm position) for word from the dog people.

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  1. That is AMAZING about your Mum. Amazing.

  2. Loved this post. Will try and make mine half as good.

    Thanks for the award it is pgr's first! Exciting. Very!


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