Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 192

Don’t panic, don’t panic!! The clouds are gone. There is blue sky again. All is good. Husband and I are a team. We are both smiling. We decided our fight was funny … and we laughed …

So you can keep reading. Today is a good day.

As I flicked happily through my emails, contemplating the hill, I found some treasure from my wonderful and loyal cousin. She reads my diary daily and when I was busy banging my head against the positive psychology brick wall last week (may be the cause of my migraine), it seems she was using her teacher’s instincts to find me what I was looking for. She had found all the literature about positive education that I needed to continue on my journey. Thank you Estelle! You are a knight in shining armour. (Hope yesterday’s entry didn’t have you running to the relationship websites.)

These emails have settled it. I will continue on this path, whether I hear from the publishing dog or not, I will continue to climb this hill. I will not plateau …

So with that decided I climbed a hill. A real one. Put my hiking boots on, ignored the pain in my knees, and the headache and climbed. And then I sat and I pondered. Looking out at the city from above is quite therapeutic because everyone and everything down there appears small and insignificant. And yes, it really is. When you rise above it things become so simple, it’s just hard to see it when you are down there amongst it. I sat on the hill and got all mindful and in the now.

So while I was on the hill (avoiding my plateau) I decided it might be time for some changes. Not major changes, just some minor ones to assist with my self management. Derek for a start. No, I’m not going to change him nor swap him. I will just make changes to the way I go about my day to include him. I will do my best to be always on his side rather than playing for the opposition.

What else could I change? I don’t know. Help me out here … what other changes can I make? A good bikini wax (long overdue) and an eyebrow tint would work. Yep. Any more changes? Surely I need some more change. Why? Well, they say that change is as good as a holiday! So let’s have some change.

Oh, hang on. Maybe a holiday is as good as a holiday! Bugger the change. Let’s go straight for the holiday instead. It just so happens we have one booked. “Look kids, here’s one I prepared earlier!” It just so happens it starts tomorrow! We are flying to Queensland. Handy little fact I hadn’t mentioned until now …

Yep, holiday it is. As I hobbled back down the hill with pain shooting through my deep fried knees due to the decline position I decided it was time to pack. I don’t need to be making changes just now. I just need to go splat for a few days and chill. The changes can come later. (Except for the bikini wax and eyebrow tint – they need to happen today – oh and a physio appointment.)

Yes my dear readers we are off to Noosa!!

And guess what else! In amongst all of that … Derek got his date night. With sun in our skies we are all happy.

(With all my vim and vigour and mindfulness and simplicity I tried to skip in joy but my knee carked it and fell down in a painful heap … f*&^ing deep fried body ….)


  1. Phew.

    Holidays and date nights. I am envious. And I am envious of that hill walk, deep fried knees and all.

    (And yes, your post yesterday did "inspire" me, to try and remind myself of the good stuff, and not get bogged down by the crappy.) So thank you. (I just realised that the timing may not have been very tactful. Rest assured that our roughs and lows are very crappy.)

  2. Your timing was impeccable! It is important to read the good to remind us that the bad is only temporary.

  3. Leanne good one you for climbing the hill. A good stick will take 25% of the stress off your knees on the way down by the way.

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  5. oooo holiday! Have a wonderful time.


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