Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 196

Here I sit on the hill of Upper Hastings Street overlooking all that is Noosa. Beautiful. There are birds chirping, bush turkeys (is that what they are?) walking about, mosquitoes the size of bats; we are surrounded by the national park and we're overlooking the river and ocean .... it is all terribly exotic ... and I am praying, praying, PRAYING for a clear sunny day.

The kids and I spent the first two nights in Brisbane visiting friends and then yesterday picked up our hired "fun bus" and the rest of the clan as they arrived on their flights. It is Derek the kids and I, my folks and Derek's brother and family. The usual escapees. It has been raining on and off since we arrived in Queensland. That is leaving me a little edgy given I was totally banking on doing nothing but beaching it daily. I packed 4 pairs of swimmers, one dress, two pairs of capris and 3 t-shirts. My swimwear has yet to see the light of day. Hmmm. Let's not panic just yet though. The long range forecast says rain until the day we leave ... but we are not going to get on board that particular band wagon. Oh no. Not listening to that. There will be sun!! Oh yes, there will be sun. We are all convinced of that fact which will make it so. We are going to create it.

We created a tray of lobster and prawns last night. We just manifested it! Well, it obviously wasn't that magical (excuse my Twilight ideology there), but we bought raffle tickets in the Surf Club raffle and I just knew we had won it. And my number was drawn and hey presto! I got to carry an extra ten kilos up the 200+ bush steps back to our apartment on top of the hill. It is now sitting safely in the fridge ready for an eating frenzy this evening. So let's just use the same magical powers of intention for the weather.

After a night of rain the clouds are already parting as I am typing. There is blue out there. There is sun. There is hope!!!

And if all else fails there is New Moon waiting to be opened so I can continue on the Twilight journey. And there is lobster. Oh yes, there is lobster ....

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  1. Sun was out here earlier, but cloud appearing now. Next trip we need to organise a blog meet up!


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