Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 198

Ahhhh. Big sleep in. Well, not a big sleep in. It is only 6.30am but it feels like I have slept forever because I didn't wake up once! No going to the toilet, no needing to drink water, no asking my husband to stop snoring, no little person standing at the edge of the bed begging to get in. Nothing but sleep. That's because I slept with Tahlia last night and she too is a straight sleeper. We didn't even come onto each other's raidars. It could also have something to do with the fact that we were dead tired from wandering around Australia Zoo all day yesterday looking at crocodiles. It was a very full day and at the end we didn't even bother to walk the stairs to and from the Club last night back in Noosa (we took the Fun Bus instead). Although I could have! My knees seem to have been magically cured.

Derek on the other hand had an awful night sleep. He slept in a single bed in the kid's room with Darby in the other bed. Why did he have a bad night? Well apparently the mattress was no good on his back, but also he has a sore raw throat from snoring all night and no one to poke him in the ribs to make him shut up. Or to suggest he remove a pillow from his sky scraper stack to put his head on a straighter angle. Poor Derek. Glad I was on the opposite side of the apartment. He's sipping on nice cool water to sooth the snoring injury at the moment. I'll get him some ice to suck on shortly.

Right now though I am continuing the power of positive thought to get those clouds to disperse. It's been working you know! There was very little sprinkling at Australia Zoo yesterday. Today we plan to beach it so I am working extra hard on the power of the mind to influence the weather. I want sun!!

Now, let's go and tackle those stairs. It's time to give these knees a work out. And then I have a tan to work on ...

Come on sun ... you can do it ... we love you ... just give us a few hours ...

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