Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 199

It's been a holiday of "firsts" which has been exciting. At Australia Zoo we all got to hand feed elephants (that's a first - and no, elephants aren't Australian but there for conservation purposes), we also got to pat Koala's (another first - the general public not allowed to handle koalas in NSW and ACT), plus we got to see a Koala sprint (yes, sprint) down a path to another tree, and we even got to view a Koala awake for more than a few minutes as he climbed and hung and climbed and cleaned and got back down and changed trees (it was the same sprinting koala). Lots of firsts. Oh, and then on a walk around the national park at Noosa we got to see not one, but two koalas in the wild! A national park can be regarded as wild can't it? That is another first for me. There appears to be koalas aplenty up here on the Sunshine Coast.

But they are not the only firsts. Oh no. I have left the best until last. Last night as we ate dinner on the back balcony of the apartment, as the geckos ran across the ceiling above us taking insects from around the light fitting, as we ate lasagne and salad and garlic bread with the extended clan (thanks Dee), the kids watched as a gecko lifted his tail and pooed from above landing a black nugget neatly on the edge of Derek's dinner plate. Yep. That's got to be another first. How many people out there can say they got to dine with a gecko and enjoy gecko poo cuisine? That's got to be a first. Unless you live in gecko land of course and you're always screaming and shooing to avoid such delicacies.

Anyway, so I googled gecko poop to see if it is lucky. Well, as you will recall from a previous post I marvelled at the old wives tail that getting shat on by a bird was lucky, so I am thinking getting pooed on by a gecko must be equally so. No sign of luck on the gecko front, but it definitely isn't uncommon in gecko-ville. The web is actually filled with gecko shitting scenarios. I have yet to find one that specifically includes increasing the protein content of an evening meal, but I guess I only read around 20 of the thousands of posts. I am sure it is in there somewhere! (And if it wasn't, it is now.) Others include geckos in office buildings in Thailand leaving shit all over the place and a call for gecko poison to get rid of the little buggers (now that's sad). Plus there are some other stories about geckos soiling the bath from above as human residents try to rid themselves of their own soilings. There are stories about people trying to attract geckos to keep the insects at bay, and stories about people trying to discourage the little critters. There are geckos as pets, sick geckos and the life and times of the common house gecko (wouldn't you hate being referred to as common?) So even though the gecko turd condiment was a first for the Langdown family, it is not necessarily a first for the world at large.

But despite the intricacies of determining when a "first" is actually a "first", and whether or not faeces can be regarded as lucky, the bottom line is that through even the most simple of experiences we can continue to grow simply by recognising the new encounters and allowing ourselves to develop as a result. I have grown in the knowledge that elephants can be wonderfully gentle and that koalas are Olympic athletes in disguise and that when in Noosa, if you are not eating watermelon, then that little pip on the side of your plate is probably not a watermelon seed.

I am off to conjure up more sun. It worked yesterday as well! With the BOM telling us it is showers, we have managed to get a few hours of sunny beach weather daily simply by having all of us visualising sunshine and thinking real hard. Or it could just be the natural way of the weather up here of course. Yesterday was even hot! So hot in fact I got into the ocean (now that is not quite a first, but for those that know me I much prefer to be on the sand than in the water. Jaws ruined my life in that regard.)

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  1. Remind me to never sit under a gecko again. I'm shocked.


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