Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 202

I have awoken to two great sounds. The first being Lady GaGa's Poker Face and the second being the rain. Poker Face is my alarm of choice on the trusty Nokia N Series (and was also the first song on my Cheer Chicks winning poms routine mix last year) and the rain of course is the Noosa rain which has not been the hurdle we had first thought it might be when we arrived only a week ago. For the most part the rain stayed within the boundaries of the dark hours. Good rain. Very well trained.

I set my alarm so that I can get up before the rest of the house and pack. The challenge is getting all that we brought, plus all that we bought, back into two suitcases PLUS trying to keep the exportation of Queensland sand to a minimum. The sand is everywhere! Our bed is full of it, the washing machine and dryer are layered in it, our clothes are sprinkled with it and my scalp seems to have a permanent film. I love the coast and all, but the sand is a bit of a nuisance. Great exfoliation though. I got plenty of that when rubbing in the sunscreen/sand combination. Anyway, I'd prefer not to take too much home with me so I'm doing lots of shaking before I pack each item. I am also checking for geckos and cane toads. I'd prefer not to export them either.

So while I shake and fold and squeeze things into every available nook and cranny, I say goodbye to Noosa ... thanks for a lovely week, we are very grateful ...


  1. Having spent 16 years in the state of Florida, I can definitely relate to your sand problem (although you're right, it IS a great exfoliator!!)!

    Hope your packing goes quick and that your trip home is a safe one! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  2. How fun :-)

    Sounds like a great holiday.

    Can't wait to hear all the news.

    SSG xxx


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