Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 203

We've well and truly arrived home to autumn. We arrived to rain, cool winds, grey skies and wet leaves all over the ground mulching into the patchy grass and all over the back deck. The dogs were wearing mud boots and seemed to have grown their winter coats while we were gone. Max was looking more goldie copper than blonde, and Millie was just a muddy cotton ball. If the dogs are any sort of gage, it's been muddy and mulchy for a while. Yep, the warmth of Noosa is fast becoming a distant memory ... the Canberra winter appears to be approaching. I don't think my Sunshine Coast tan is going to see the light of day. I am wearing trackies, long sleeves and Ugg boots. My beautifully browned legs will end up as my little secret.

But despite the weather, isn't it always wonderful to be home? I love walking into our house after a holiday. It is always so welcoming and filled with comfort. I am making it sound like we've been gone for years ... no ... only a week .... but I like to ackowledge the hominess of home whenever we've been away.

I've even managed to unpack already and have only a small pile of washing to do given much of it was done at the apartment. I do however have to mop and vaccuum after my house-sitter, and wash sheets and stuff, but given miss Chelsea was disabled she did a good job keeping the place clean, so there's really not a lot to do to increase the comfort levels.

If ever you get the opportunity to visit Noosa you really should. It can be quite expensive so you have to pick your times, but just like anywhere, there are always bargains. We were visiting in non-peak season because the ACT school holidays are out of synch with NSW and Qld school holidays, which meant the costs were significantly reduced. We used our frequent flier points to get to Brisbane where we hired the 12 seater for the extended family. For ten people we rented two 3 bedroom apartments, each sleeping six. We had a well stocked kitchen, laundry, two bathrooms, great living space, two TVs each, and a pool. It was very comfortable and meant we didn't have to spend a lot of money while in Noosa on food and entertainment. For an annual holiday it was one of the cheapest we've done. And one of the most relaxing. We shopped, walked, swam, sunbaked, ate, drank, visited the zoo, cruised up and down the river, read, laughed, napped. Yep, as usual Queensland did not disappoint and we managed to extend our summer just a tiny bit ...

But it's over now and we're back to our little routine. There are dogs to walk, chores to be done, wages to earn, schooling to commence, calisthenics to taxi for, cheerleading to prepare for and publishers to hassle. And hassle them I will! (In a nice positive and only slightly persistent way.) Oh, I arrived home to another yellow A4 envelope addressed to me in my own handwriting. Never a nice package to get in the letterbox. Another rejection. Bugger. What a really big bugger. Fuck it. It was a nice rejection though ... as usual ... they like my books, it's just not in their "genre". They suggested I go to a publisher who specialises in educational resources. Yep, sure. Narrow minded bastards! It didn't have any paw prints on it though which is nice ... the publishing dog is still out there.


  1. It will happen, glad you had such a relaxing time.

  2. Oh you're back safe!

    Bugger about the rejection.

    They WILL get published though, you know that, don't you?

  3. Yes, I know it. I know it to be true. Patience is not my strongest suit though ...


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